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Spongebob "Chocolate with Nuts" Activity
« on: November 11, 2010, 03:25:24 pm »
I have been doing this lesson all week and the students love it.  They think I'm giving them a "free" day by showing Spongebob instead of using their awful text, but I'm really making them do more work than they ever do out of the book.  Every class was thoroughly engaged(except for my sixth hour today, which descended into a peppero-fueled riot...beware chocolate-themed video clips on 11/11!).

For warm up, show them 2 min clip of Sesame St. and ask them to identify who Grover is and what he is doing (a salesperson, selling sunglasses).  Use that to start pre-teaching vocab: salesperson, salesman, merchandise, customer, entrepreneur.  Add fancy, "stretch the truth," sucker, and mediocre.  I then open the powerpoint to review the english names for the characters in the episode: the squid is squiduard, the starfish is patrick, the sponge is spongebob.  And there's no {i} sound in Spongebob!  (The worksheet sections are on the ppt too if you want to use them to display answers.)

Then give attached worksheet and play video.  Pause and replay the parts that correspond to the activities on the worksheet so students can listen for detail.  It should be perfectly timed for a 45 min class.  If your class is talkative or takes a long time to get to task or switch between tasks (I have a few of these!), then you may need to drop a section in the worksheet or skip the Sesame St. clip and just dive into pre-teaching the vocab more quickly.  The 11 minute episode starts to get pretty long once you start replaying scenes and pausing to check the listening tasks.

I like to pause the video periodically to check for comprehension too.  "What just happened?  What are they gonna do next?"  Gives the students a chance to speak more too.

The Sesame St. link is in the lesson plan.  Spongebob Chocolate with Nuts can be found here:
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