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Would you like to (blah, blah, blah)
« on: November 11, 2010, 12:24:03 pm »
I begin by introducing the phrase.

Part 1:
Kids make sentences using the words in the word bank. Check the answers using ppt.

Explain the responses to a "Would you like to" phrase. --> Sure, I'd love to.  That would be great. / Sorry, I can't.   Maybe next time.  Practice using the ppt slides.

Part 2:  Dialogue
Review what a vowel is and have the kids write it down on their worksheet.  Show the first sentence of the dialogue with the vowels missing.  Explain they should all in the vowels to make a sentence.  Once they finish, check the answers the practice the dialogue. 

Part 3:  Have kids fill in the "event name, time, and day of the week" blanks.  Explain that they should walk around the room and invite friends to their activities.  If they accept, they should write it on their schedule.  Give kids time to walk around and practice the dialogue then once everyone is done ask.. What are you doing on Monday?  What are you doing on Tuesday?  Etc...

At this point the kids are pretty riled so I show a Mr. Bean episode just to calm and refocus then.

Finally, pass out the cryptogram.  Explain how to do it using an example.
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