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 I am looking for someone to replace me at my current hagwon.   It is one of the better places I have worked at in Korea by far. If interested please pm me.

School Type: Stable Hagwon
Location: Bucheon
Teaching Age Group: elementary school
Working Hours: M W F 1pm-7: 30pm, T-TH 1PM-8:00pm
Salary: 2.1~2.3millionWon /mo.
Vacation: 10days + national holidays
No. of native teacher: 2
Housing: Furnished Single Housing (2 mins of Waking distance from the school)
Benefits: Severance payment, National Pension (50/50), Health insurance (50/50), one-way plane ticket
Start date: January 30th
Please send resume and photo

Teacher in Korea who can do a visa transfer preferred

I am the teacher you would be replacing. I am not a recruiter just out to make a buck. You may also contact the other foreign teacher if you would like. This is a good school (well managed, stable, kind and understanding director) that will take care of you where you are treated as person and not a visa number.
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