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Video Based Class
« on: November 08, 2010, 05:43:22 pm »

I used the video "Lifted" by Pixar.  It is a Pixar short film with no speaking which is great because my students didn't feel overwhelmed.  I simply opened class with an easy hangman using the word Alien.  Then we watched the video.  The video is funny and cute and there are a lot of ways you can swing it. 

For my advanced third graders I introduced some complex vocabulary before we watched the video and made them write a few short sentences.  They came up with some really funny stuff. 

If you want a speaking component, have the students take turns reading sentences. 

For the rest of the school, I was able to use the same worksheet.  Not everyone could do all of it but most of them could do most of it and everyone was really excited which I find is half the battle with some  of my classes. 

After you go over the answers, read it aloud with your best narrative voice while the movie is playing, stopping to explain unknown vocabulary.  It was really good for my students to be able to see an illustration of what they were learning.   

I am going to do this format again with another Pixar short because they are perfect for middle school  and interesting for everyone.  Even my co-teachers were impressed and it took such a small effort. 

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Re: Video Based Class
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Excellent lesson! Seems fun and engaging. My head teacher has told me that from next week on, my 3rd graders will not be using the text book for my classes, so I am left to my own demise. I think I am gonna use this lesson plan. I'll let you know how it goes.
Question: Was it difficult to knock 45 mins out of this lesson?

Re: Video Based Class
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My classes are only 40 minutes long and in some classes I didn't have enough time and in some classes I had too much time.  This depends on if I would have a different students read a sentence (which takes up a lot of time) or if I would have three students, one each reading a paragraph.  If I was having students read a paragraph I would ask one student, or kind of tell them before hand when I was helping students fill out the worksheet.  Give the first one candy and hands will automtically shoot up to read the next two paragraph. 

In classes that I had time left over, I would let them watch another pixar short "For The Birds" and tell them before hand that they are going to have to write a summary of the story.  I explained to them that the handout with "Lifted" was a summary and that they would have to help me write a 4 or 5 sentence summary for the new video. 

I prompted sentences like these ones...
-It is a sunny day and there are small clouds in the sky.
-There are many small grey birds.
-There is one big blue bird. 
-The grey birds don't like the big blue bird because...

Everytime, by then class was over...

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Re: Video Based Class
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Great job, I'm curious to see your worksheets for the other Pixar shorts :).