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Endangered Species Project
« on: October 27, 2011, 01:43:03 pm »
This lesson is loosely based on the Thomas Orr Middle School English 2 books but can be adapted to any classroom. The lesson (re)introduces the concept of endangered species and teaches some basic terms. Students then take a short quiz, do a game to learn about some of the most endangered animal populations, and then I introduce the project. Each team will choose a different Korean endangered animal, research it, make a PPT and give a presentation in the next class (1 week later). I have a rubric that details what each student (in a group of 4) is responsible for, as well as how they will be graded. The criteria is written in Korean for their benefit.

So far, I have gotten some really good presentations, some really bad presentations, and a few groups that thought they didn't have to do them. I gave them another chance, so we'll see what happens. They have to stay afterschool to do the presentations.

The attached files should give you an idea of how to do this project. I'd suggest altering the PPT and rubrics to fit your style. The rubric is not perfect. When I do this again next year, I will grade each individual student on their speaking performance, not the whole group.  I also attached three student samples.

If you do this project, please stress that they MUST EMAIL YOU the files before class, otherwise you will waste 15 minutes getting USBs together or getting students to check their emails.