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Student Introduction Worksheets
« on: October 27, 2011, 01:33:48 pm »
This is a worksheet I've used with groups of students soon after I've first started teaching them English conversation.

The worksheet includes a good number of questions for students to answer, and can give you some interesting information about your students. I tried to pepper in some more interesting questions, which tend to get students thinking more creatively and beyond the usual introduction topics.

When I've used this, I've had students work in pairs, and the student is not allowed to write on their own sheet. The partner asks the questions to their friend, and then writes the answer given onto the friend's sheet.   Of course this worksheet could also be used individually, though I feel doing it in pairs like this increases the speaking time per student, and makes things a bit more interesting.

The completed sheets can be combined into class booklets, which can be helpful for the teacher in attempts to learn students names, and learn a bit about students that they might not otherwise.