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New to Busan, some questions.
« on: October 23, 2011, 08:59:01 pm »
Been in Korea for 7 yrs, but only 2 days in Busan.

Man why didn't I know how damned cool Busan was all this time and why the heck didn't I move here earlier! Seoul! Ha!

Have had an awesome time today walking around jagalchi fish market, Busan Tower park, the huge Lotte store which has awesome real Japanese ramen stores, tons of cheese and imported beers and Asia's biggest indoor musical fountain and light show to watch while you eat! All this and more a few minutes walk from my apt as well as the cleanest, loveliest air in Korea!

Anyhow.... Anyone in the Jungang / Nampo area, know where there is a Muay Thai or a boxing gym? I want to start soon (total beginner.)

Also any groups that get together for a beer or meal in the week after work? Any 'waygook' bars around?

Also, if anyone knows of a 'friendly' poker game midweek or weekends, please do give me a pm as I'm a fishy and will be easy food for any sharks out there...! Heh heh... not.

Ok gotta run b4 I start raving on about how cool it is here for pages on end.

Also - any cool facebook groups, let me know. Cheers

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Re: New to Busan, some questions.
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 08:18:39 am »
i went to a "WA BAR" in Wangali (sp?) area by the beach.. it's off the Wangan station. there were tons of foreigners at this bar that night, but maybe because of the fireworks festival? regardless, i met alot of other teachers and people from around the world that night. when i was in Seoul last week, i went to another WA BAR and noticed the same thing: alot of foreigners.

maybe it's a sign? go to WA BAR and you may find english speakers! good luck.