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Looking for Female Doctor to do colon/other cancer checks
« on: October 17, 2011, 02:15:49 am »
In the states I was told by medical I need to get checked very early in life every year at least because I have a very high risk of cancers, no not going to explain why  ,and I need to get checked for the ones that I do not want a male Doc doing that is the check for colon and prostrate related things. also I need the general blood check for cancers.

Im not eager to be having doctors - male or female - do this check but if I have to get it done I must have a female doc - but maybe do it in the states - but I will have no insurance to pay for it there. Still I am worried about the colon check as there are always horror stories on tearing resulting from the scope.
 I would like any inf or recommendations on female Docs in Dajung or Gwangju or even Seoul big city more and better docs thanks. I searched doctors and did not get a on topic thread so you may tack it on if you see one.
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