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Directions -- website & handout (Grade 2 Middle School)
« on: November 03, 2010, 09:21:49 am »
I found this lesson online, and made a handout to accompany it . . . it's a good idea to make recordings of the speaker, because he speaks too fast for anyone to fill out all the blanks (you can pause the recording after every sentence or two and have the students fill out the blanks, then try and guess where the next place is according to the directions).

Use the website . . . listen to fast speed . ..  play the MP3 version (and stop it for students to have time to write the answers) . ..  then play the animated answer on the website.

- It's a good idea to talk about how we use "right" as "just" . . .  all the "right"s that the students fill in are directions --- I typed in all the "right"s that mean "just" (i.e. right across the river, or just across the river).

The website is here:

(I couldn't figure out how to download the flash video . . . if anyone figures that out, let me know!)

Re: Directions -- website & handout (Grade 2 Middle School)
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Low level classes can use the vocabulary on the front of the handout, and use it to describe who they're sitting next to, or where places on the map are:

"The Garden is in between the Post Office and the Cafe."

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Re: Directions -- website & handout (Grade 2 Middle School)
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Just did a lesson like this.. after a weeks trial and error.. here are some worksheets that ended up being about right for a mid and low level speaking activity.. you can easily make it harder for high level.. kids sit back to back..

Thanks to Bogglesworld where I nicked the original.. but made it less confusing..