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Interview questions
« on: October 11, 2011, 08:29:18 am »
I have an interview this Friday with KnK immersion school for a Social Studies teaching position (Middle School). While I am super-excited about the opportunity to actually use my degree and escape the black hole that is ESL teaching, I am wondering about the interview questions. I know what to expect from a teaching interview in the States, but are Korean immersion schools any different? If anyone out there has any experience with these types of schools or know someone who has, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Interview questions
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I went to a few interviews in SA for teaching. If you made it to an interview, they want to meet you. they know everything on paper, but they want to see you, they will ask about discipline, planning and presenting, what and why in teaching is important. They will also want to know about your weak points, ( its a good idea to say my friends tell me that .... rather than I think.....) Another question will be why you and not the other guy.
hope this helps you.
good luck.