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Present Progessive Lesson "Are you Sleeping"
« on: October 10, 2011, 02:02:50 pm »
Did this lesson for my open class, it's pretty easy, low level, did it with my first grade middle school class.

Included is a powerpoint presentation explaining the concept of the present progressive "to be" + -ing. The answers to the worksheets are included in the ppt and the explanation for the activity.

Worksheets are attached, there are two different ones meant to be given to a pair of students. One student gets worksheet one, the other gets worksheet two. They have to ask each other the questions about what the people in the pictures are doing. This is kind of confusing at first, but it gets them to talk to each other. Student with worksheet one asks the student with worksheet number two question one. The student with worksheet two looks at his first picture and answers the question. Student with worksheet number one writes that answer down.

There is also an activity worksheet where students make up their own words to "Are You Sleeping." I showed them a youtube video of the song, we sang it twice, then they broke into groups of four and made their own lyrics. I also did it in another class individually. You get more versions this way, which is fun, but they have to get up and sing their version, so some kids nearly peed their pants about that and I let them work in pairs.

I had them play charades for like the last five minutes. I attached the pictures I used. Just print and cut them out. The students have to answer "She is cleaning" or "He is fishing" and every couple of ones have a two or three come up so they have to answer "They are cooking."
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Re: Present Progessive Lesson "Are you Sleeping"
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2012, 07:14:59 am »
Thanks for the lesson! Awesome Job! 

I switched around some of the slides and changed a few things to fit my class, and at the end, time permitting, I am adding a small "what are you doing" game.   For this game the students (youself included) stand in a circle.  The first person starts doing any action.  The person to their right asks "What are you doing" and then they respond "I'm _________" BUT the blank should be a different action than the one they are actually doing (so a new action).  That person then starts doing whatever the person just said.  When they start doing the new action, the person to their right asks "What are you doing?" and this continues all the way around the circle.  It is up to you if you want the students to continue to do the actions or if they stop after they no longer need to speak.