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    • October 04, 2010, 08:22:02 am
    • Korea
 :o I was asked today to create a test to test two of my elementary students and decide which one was to go to foreign language middle school. No sweat right?

I have been teaching elementary for about 7 months now, but these two students are exceptional. One lived in Canada for a year, the other studies grade 3 middle school English at her Hakwon. So I'm at a loss of what to test them on.

Does anyone have any former exams or ideas to test general knowledge of middle school curriculum, maybe grade 1 or 2? A yearly review would be great. The expressions taught are so specific that I think it would be terrible to plan a test around them.

One of the students can converse almost fluently about daily life, but not really discuss advanced topics. The other can barely tell me what she did yesterday but can blather on about methods to reduce the impact of global warming. AHH!

Any help or advice is much appreciated.