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Hey guys!

I have been in Korea for just over a month, and had to start teaching immediately! If it was not for Waygook and all your lesson plans, I would not have made it. This site and all the activities and games on here has been an absolute lifesaver! Thank you guys for sharing all your hard work so that newbies like me can have something to work with, especially seeing that I don't have any prior teaching experience. If I develop any lessons plans that are worth it, I will surely post them for you too, right now I still suck at it! Thank you...all of you...x

That being said...does anyone know where I can find Gr3 lesson 10,11 and 12 PPT presentations? and Gr1 lesson 12?
I'd really appreciate it...

Thank you guys!!!

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Re: Thanx!
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Hmmmm depends.... for which level?

Elementary grade 1 and 3
Middle school grade 1 and 3
or High school grade 1 and 3?