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Who's staying, who's going?
« on: March 29, 2007, 02:02:19 pm »

I was just curious to find out who, especially from the MAY 2006 intake (Canadian Connections), is planning to put in another year?

Because it seems to be time to make the big decisions, our schools just pulled out our new contracts (we had tentatively told them we would stay on another year) and asked us to re - sign.

Reasons why and why not are always interesting too. There are many pros and cons I guess. Those who are going home, you must be getting excited, it isn't too long to go now. Who's counting down the days???


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Re: Who's staying, who's going?
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I initially had the intention of staying here for two years, but after my trip to India, I came to reassess my priorities.  The important thing at this point in my life is family, and being there for people who rely on my support and presence.  I've always had an independent spirit, but I think sometimes life requires one to make sacrifices; to face one's hopes and fears, and to accept the truth regardless of how it strikes us.  Needless to say that things have undergone a complete change since I've gotten here, and this experience was needed for personal and spiritual growth.

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