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700,000 won storybook budget- please give me recommendations of good books!
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So I have been given 700,000 won to buy storybooks to complement my elementary school's current English library section.

I am looking to get something for every age/ ability level, but need some suggestions.

On the shopping list at the moment:

Harry Potter series
Where the Wild Things Are
Sori's Harvest Moon Day
Henry and Mudge set
My Name is Yoon
Mr. Men complete collection

I'm especially looking for books for the younger kids, any ideas?
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For younger:
Arthur series
Magic Treehouse Series
Any Robert Munsch books

Wimpy Kid Series
Narnia Series

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Thanks, my students also requested Magic Treehouse!
"Of the many islands, Japan has got to be one of my favourites."

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I have a lot of new and mint condition English manga suited for elementary kids and up. Feel free to take a look and contact me for prices. I will definitely try to work out a good price for you should you be interested in more than a few sets. Please check out the following link:,17998.0.html

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Thats great that you have the money to purchase the books. I have visited many schools over the last 5 years that had a great assortment of books accompanied by an even greater amount of dust on each them.

Getting the books is the easy part...doing your part as a teacher to make sure the students use those books is the hard part. Try to start an English reading club (which I did at my old school that had a great library). Kids would get stamps for reading x amount of books..perhaps have monthly prizes.

Good luck!

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My school bought some English books at the beginning of the school year. i posted the same question on waygook and this is the list i requested. hope it helps. cheers.

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    • November 19, 2010, 11:55:34 am
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How to Train Your Dragon
Dork Diaries
Rainbow Magic
Amelia Bedelia
Magic School Bus
Encyclopedia Brown

Young Readers:
Fancy Nancy
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Goodnight Moon
Any I Can Read Books

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Young readers:

Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou
Freddie the Falling Leaf

Berenstein Bear's books
I love you forever (really young reader)
Brown Bear (really young reader)
Hungry Caterpillar  (really young reader)

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Contact; for that budget she can recommend you quite a few starter library kits.

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One of my schools has a great English library that I've been sorting through to make lessons for a reading class. Here are the titles I've picked out.

Annie and the Old One by Miska Miles
Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman (not religious, it's about a black girl wanting to play Peter Pan in a school play. It's all about how not to be racist or sexist...and to use your imagination!)
Zomo the Rabbit an African folktale by Gerald McDermott (he also has a series on trickster figures, like Raven from the Alaskan Tlingit)
Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy

And anything you can find with pirates or dinosaurs is going to be a biiiig hit.

I also picked out a book called "Going Solo" which is some Australian compilation of famous teenage record breakers and explorers and I can't find it online anywhere. But maybe you can find something similar.
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The Dr. Seuss Beginner Books series is great for young learners. The books are not the typical rhyming books, but tell high-interest stories with simple vocabulary and easy-to-follow story lines. There is an even simpler series for younger learners called the Bright Beginners series.

The Amelia Bedelia series is also great for the third to sixth grade of elementary school.

The Berenstain Bears also have a lot of very interesting books for grades three to five.

Pippi Longstocking is popular with both boys and girls in grades four to six.

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You should consider buying some English Readers for your students. They're leveled for learners of English and use simplified grammar and vocabulary. Here is an inventory of my school library including authentic storybooks and readers.

You should consider buying multiple copies of the same book too. Then you have the option of running some very effective reading lessons.

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I had to make a list a few months ago. Here are some books I recommended. I removed the ones I saw posted above.  Most had awards, recognitions, or many online ESL activities and supplemental materials.

Paper Bag Princess (honestly any Robert Munsch book is good)
You can also listen to readings of some of his stories here:

We're going on a Bear Hunt

The Rainbow Fish

Stella Luna



Strega Nona

Art + Max

The Napping House


Make Way for Ducklings

If I have time, I'll check out our library. We have many good English books!

Oh, also, there is a series of books by Disney that are Disney stories simplified and leveled. My students really enjoyed those because they already knew the stories.

101 Dalmatians
The Hobbit
Anne of Green Gables
Black Beauty
Narnia Series
American Girl series
Stuart Little

For little ones:
Anything by Jan Brett (my favorite as a child was The Mitten)
Anything by Eric Carle
Click, Clack, Moo (seriously fun to read and a BIG hit!)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
The Spot the Dog books
Clifford the Big Red Dog books
The Gingerbread Man
Anything from the Little Golden Book series

Maybe 3-5th grade:
Boxcar Children
Homesick by Jean Fritz (actually anything by Jean Fritz, she did lots of "history" books but in a really fun way)
Anything by Beverly Cleary (but especially Ramona and The Mouse and the Motorcycle)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Harriet the Spy
I-Spy series (great for vocab and visual learning)
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (seasonal, obviously)
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

For 5th-6th grade only, maybe a little too hard, but good reads:
The Secret Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Witch of Blackbird Pond
Babysitter's Club

Thanks for this thread. I really want to go back and reread everything I've listed here. Oh the wonderful memories books can make!

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any book by, Dr. Seuss

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Here are some more titles I came up with...

the Harry the Dog book series

Any illustrated book of Mother Goose poems.

the Magic Tree House series

Jigsaw Jones mystery series (kids solving minor mysteries, it's very cute)

The Berenstein Bears are perfect.

The Winnie the Witch series

Am I the only one that thinks Amelia Badelia is just too boring?
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Maybe also buy a cool rug for the room so the kids can sit while you read.

Oh. a rug! Good idea. or foam for your butt.  I second the use of using Graphic novels.  My thesis is about the use of GN in a L2 classroom.  Can you contact me if you do decide to buy any "graphica"