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Thank everyone for your useful suggestions.

I submitted my requests ages ago, no books yet though!
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My 3rd and 4th grade students really enjoyed the following:

We're going on a Bear Hunt
by Michael Rosen

The Animal Boogie
by Debbie Harter

The Magic Hat
by Tricia Tusa

and one good one for 5th and 6th grade:

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Re: English Budget and Supplies Ideas
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I have no idea.

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even though you've submitted your list already, i'd like to post a link for those who are also looking for good children's books for their students later on down the road. 

stumbled upon this website today, a good way to keep up with new, popular children's books that are currently being released:

i hope this helps someone.  happy teaching~
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I would start here,
Also a good place to start

Any classics are great to. I don't know what grade levels you will be teaching, so get everything and anything from:
Goodnight Moon
Where the Wild Things Are
The Velveteen Rabbit
Love you Forever
All of the Shel Silver Stein Books
All of the Dr. Seuss Books
Xander's Panda Party
Any of the Grimm's Classics (kid versions, not the true stories)
Maniac McGee
Any kids poetry books (I think Gary Soto made a couple)
Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Etc (series, they sell them on Gmarket)
Beginning Phonics Books (these are important)
Letter Books
Sound Books
Song Books
Coloring Books (for you, to scan and have available)
Wayside School/Holes (almost any Louis Sachar book is fantastic)
The Berenstein Bears are a good collection

I would also invest in some board games for the class. Hope that helps.

You should consider buying some English Readers for your students. They're leveled for learners of English and use simplified grammar and vocabulary. Here is an inventory of my school library including authentic storybooks and readers.

English Readers are a PREFECT idea. I'm trying to implement reading into lessons where I can, especially in my after school programs. I feel that if I can get the kids interested in reading English books outside the class, they'll make better progress in their English comprehension. A lot of the books come with suggested activities at the end of each book so you could even do a whole class around one.

Also, you could make a competition using the books. For example, if students can read the higher level books to you with hardly any mistakes, they get a prize.

Everyone here listed a LOT of great titles. The only one I'd like to add is the "Piggie and Elephant" series by Mo Willems. The pictures are very expressive and the language is fairly simple so the students always know what's going on. I used to read them to kindergarten levels kids back home and they LOVED them!
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"The Very Cranky Bear" - By Nick Bland (My favourite book. It rhymes, has amazing illustrations, and the kids are CRAZY about it - especially if you read it in funny voices.)

"Pete the Cat" - By Eric Litwin (This is a great book if you want your little ones to finish your sentences for you, review some basic vocabulary etc.)

"Down by the Station" - Child's Play International (You can actually sing this book if you look up the tune.)

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Look for those "I can read" books.  I think you can buy simple readers too.  They even have stories about the Transformers and Super Heroes.  At least the boys will like those.  Try Kim & Johnson Bookstore at the Gangnam stop.  I think the basement of the office tower on the Northwest corner at that stop has that bookstore.  They are incredibly well stocked.  Go take a look and you can get a sampling books and ideas of what to order.  Anything looks good to you, take a snap shot of any book covers and bring it back to your co teacher to order online via that company or another.   

400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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I have a 400,000 budget to buy board games for a monthly activity class that I'll be running. What games do you think I should buy? I already have:

Hedbandz - 2 Boxes
Telestrations - 1 Box
Guess Who? - 1 Box
Uno - 2 Decks
Uno (English Speaking Version0 - 3 Decks
Scrabble Slam - 2 Decks

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may give! Has anybody shipped to Korea from back home? Board games are ridiculously expensive here.

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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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Apples to Apples is great (probably get the kids version with simpler vocab).
A couple Jenga sets. They make Jenga sets that have numbers engraved onto the blocks, which makes it easier to pair with quizzes/other activities.
Bananagrams seems like it would be pretty cool.
Taboo is alright for smallish groups.
My coteacher plays boggle all the time with the kids. They seem to like it.
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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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Aqvm beat me to it!

Besides Scrabble, Apples to Apples Jr., Jenga, and Bananagrams are the only ones I really use. I'd just get the cheap-o Jenga blocks that are sold at Emart and write letters or numbers on them with a permanent marker. Combine them with numbered/lettered lists of questions, or other homemade board games. Fun stuff.
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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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I would kill to have operation for my camp. Perfect supplement to my doctor/sickness lesson.

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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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My students love Spot It and Rory's Story Cubes if you can get them. The first is vocabulary and there are many different sets to choose from. The second is a game where you roll nine dice and have to make a story based on the pictures that you got when the dice were rolled. Spot It is available from Blue Orange Games and has demos on YouTube if you look up the company name. The story cubes are from GameWright and the Creativity Hub. You can also see games of this played on YouTube if you look up the game name. Hope these suggestions are helpful. I wish I had these years ago!
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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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I second Spot It and Bananagrams. Both have been useful.
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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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1.  Do you have your CT to help you?  Mine found some great ones...and not some great ones.

2.  What is the age group: high school, middle, or elementary?

I got them for Elementary.  Again, get your CT to help you because mine found some which both English and Korean instructions.  Here is what we got that students liked.

1.  Zingo (this one is awesome!)
2.  Monopoly Jr.
3.  Pictionary Man Jr.  (not the original)
4.  Scrabble Junior

Rule of thumb, if it isn't junior, don't get it.

Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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One that I've been wanting to buy is called Dixit.  It is similar to Apples to Apples, except it is a storytelling game.

Everyone has a set of cards with pictures on it.  The storyteller picks one and makes up a sentence for it.  Everyone else chooses the card that they think is best and gives to the storyteller.  Storyteller shuffles them all up and then puts them down.  Players bet on which card they think was the storytellers.

I think this game has a lot of potential for EFL.

Re: English Budget and Supplies Ideas
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Middle School - English board games and some super hero books or comics.  Board games and card games, type in some in Naver and search there to show your co teacher. 

Elementary school, simple books like Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham.  Puppets and picture cards.  CHeck Naver or some local shop.  INternet and Amazon will let you show some examples and your co teacher might order off some Korean auction site like 11st, g market, etc. 

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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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JR Monopoly is a good one.

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Re: 400,000 Budget for Board Games. What Should I Buy?
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How did this get resurrected....twice?