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3rd Grade Middle School Warning Sign Activity
« on: September 20, 2011, 01:08:29 pm »
 8) This is a very Fun way to introduce your 3rd graders to the Advice/Warning statements: "Make sure to..." and "Make sure not to...."
  I begin by introducing my students to street signs they see everyday. I show them a stop sign. I ask them what it is "saying" to them. They shout out "Stop!" I then make write the statement, "Make sure to _____" and the students fill in the blank with "stop". I explain to them that this statement positive; the person saying it WANTS you to do something. Therefore, they must answer in the positive; "Okay, I will." I continue to help them practice with more street signs like speed signs (70 kilometers per hour), keep off etc. We say the statement and then answer it.
  To explore this statement, I then begin to tell the students to do other things like, "Make sure to do your homework for class." "Make sure to wear a helmet when you ride your bike." Make sure to brush your teeth". I randomly go around the class and say these statements and have the students answer me in the positive; "Okay, I will."
  Next, I move on to the negative statement, "Make sure not to..." I show them signs with a circle and crossed out line. For example, "No cell phones", "No talking", "No spitting". I try to choose funny ones!!  ;)
I follow the same pattern as above and teach them the negative answer, "Okay, I won't". I stress the importance of saying the correct response so that the person making the statement knows that you understand and will or will not do what they are telling you.
  This is where it gets fun. I play two videos for the students. I start with this one: It shows a person walking onto a grass lawn that has a "keep off the grass" sign, and he blows up! It is really short and funny. I ask the students to make a positive statement and then a negative. The first ones to raise their hands win a sticker in my class. (8 stickers wins a prize)
  I then show a second video:
This one is about riding on the sidewalk. Again, super funny!  :P
  Now that the students have the idea down. We move onto adding to the statement; Why they should or should not do something. "Make sure to brush your teeth after you eat because you need to keep your teeth healthy." "Make sure to wear a helmet when you ride your bike because you can hurt your head if you fall down." "Make sure to turn off your cell phone in class because the teacher can take it away." And I do the same with the negative statement.
  Once the students understand the second part of the conversation, I introduce our activity. Students will be able to make their own Warning Signs. Go to : There you can make your own funny sign templates. I make about 10 different templates with dogs, no junk food, a bomb, bunny, godzilla, no cell phone and a man slipping to name just a few. I make my own example and show it to the class. I then let them pick their template and they can begin brainstorming. I encourage them to be creative and funny!
  This is usually the end of the lesson. So, the students have a chance to continue working on their signs durnig the next week. At the beginning of the next class, each student must present their sign to the class and we talk about if it makes sense or not. Depending on the class energy, I let them vote on their favorites and the winners receive a cool candy.
  Well, I hope this lesson helps all you middle school teachers present a fun and informative conversation class! Good luck!

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Re: 3rd Grade Middle School Warning Sign Activity
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Thank you for this lesson! I have the green 비상교육 (Bisang) book for 3rd grade, and I can't find much of anything on this site! I was able to use this lesson for the first chapter, "Work Efficiently and Effectively," as well as the second chapter of my second grade book (they cover "Make sure you..." instead of "Make sure THAT you..."). The second grade book this corresponds to is the 2014 Haas book, with the green and yellow cover.

Attached is my modified lesson plan (I took out the videos and put in "What not to do at a stoplight" (thanks, Spongebob), as well as made some of my own signs for a short writing portion before they make their own signs).