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I've been having issues with the CDs that were given to me to use along with the textbook. Any time I try to run the book from the CD, it opens the main menu, where I can select the chapter or unit. However, once I choose a unit or chapter, it flips open and displays blank pages that simply say "Page not found."

It worked fine on my work computer, but I can no longer reliably use my work computer since it freezes up anytime you try and open an explorer window (essentially, any time you try to open any file, folder, etc).

I recently installed Windows 7 Home Professional 64-bit on my Mac via Bootcamp, and I assumed it was just missing some prerequisite like Flash, but to my knowledge I have all the prereqs installed. Furthermore, I also have the textbook CDs for Choi MS English 1 & 2, and they work fine. I can't read hangul, but by the looks of it, they have the same install instructions--having Acrobat Reader, Flash, and tampering with my internet explorer settings (which I haven't done, since I have no idea which options they correspond to).

I've had this issue before on my work computer, but my co-teacher just simply gave me another CD that somehow worked. Now neither does. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Thomas Orr Middle School English 3 textbook cd -- "Page not found"
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You might try the online book instead:

Note: you need to use it in Internet Explorer on Windows.

In regards to the 'page not found' problem, you might try copying the CD to a folder in your Windows area. Then try running the main menu program. It works on some textbook CDs and not others, but it's worth a shot. (The reason I say try this is because your computer might not be accessing the CD from the CD drive fast enough for the program's tastes and it 'times out' the page.)

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Re: Thomas Orr Middle School English 3 textbook cd -- "Page not found"
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Is that a Thomas Orr link?  My Grade 3 Middle School Lesson titles are:
1.  The full Jar
2.  Use it or lose it
3.  Music for change
4.  Magic Science tricks
5.  Ways of appealing to the mind
6.  The river rises
7.  The history behind food.
8.  Sustainable Lifestyle
9.  The gift of understanding
10. Mathematics in beauty
11. Tell us about your jobs
12. A little boy and a puppy.

I'd like the link to these (old?) chapters. I very seldom play the units, but occasionally, the CD material is handy, and I'd like to have the option.

Re: Thomas Orr Middle School English 3 textbook cd -- "Page not found"
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I'll try copying the CD to my desktop again and see what happens--I had tried that before, but after a while it had stopped working. Then again, I did move the textbooks to an external, so that could be the issue at hand if it's really a reading issue.

I haven't gotten to take a look at the link yet (haven't needed to, due to midterms), but I have the same chapter titles as Cranberry.