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Where are we? (Grade 1 Lesson 7 Jumping Kids)
« on: September 08, 2011, 01:56:35 pm »
I adapted this as an extension to the usual Grade 1 Lesson 7 for the Jumping Kids series. However, it can be adapted to a more general context as well.

The basis of this lesson lies in the dialogue:
A: Where are we?
B: I have no idea.
A: Oh, look it's the _____.
B: I'm sure we are in _____.

I made this prezi presentation to use as a tool during this lesson.

Defined landmarks as historic buildings (buildings with important history).
Introduced the new landmarks and had the students practice saying them with me. (Highlighting the pronunciation of Italy as 'Idaly', Liberty as 'Liberdy' and City as 'Cidy')

Then we had Kimbab English practice. In Kimbab English the students stand in two rows facing their partner in the other line. One side of the line will be A and other side of the line will be B. After practicing the dialogue with 1-2 different landmarks. Shout "Kimbab". At that time, the students will shift, like a conveyor belt. The student at the front of line A will go to the front of line B, while the student at the end of line B will go to the end of line A. This will give the students an opportunity to practice will many different partners as they drill the dialogue.

Then, teach how this can be applied to other things such as a toilet, books, animals, a shopping cart, etc.

If time is left over, have the students come up with their own item and associated location. Give points to students who volunteer to present it to the class.