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« on: September 01, 2011, 08:36:52 am »
I have a weird middle school first grade book that as far as I can tell hasn't been mentioned on this website. It is a middle school activities book and my co-teachers are on chapter 6: "I had a great time!" The topics are very limited in this chapter, - I chose the "What do you think? I think so too! /I don't think so!" section. It will be my first proper lesson with the kids (after my introduction) but I'm struggling to come up with activities for this topic. It just seems so obscure. I kinda have an idea as to what I will do for the presentation, but I would very much appreciate any ideas as to what to do for the practise and presentation sections of my lesson plan.

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Re: Help!
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I think for a game I'm just going to do a simple game of pictionary and have the students guessing using "I think...".

S1: "I think it's a dog."

S2: "I don't think it's a dog."

S3: "I think it's a wolf."

S2: "I think it's a wolf, too!"


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Re: Help!
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I made up an easy work sheet for this topic. Students ask others in the class what they think on various topics of interest to the class. As an example:

Name:                            Topic:                                   What do you think?
Joan                         School Uniforms                     I disagree with having to wear uniforms. I think you should
                                                                              wear what you want to school.

I put enough spaces for 8 students.