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Fantasy Football Lesson (Higher level, best for boys)
« on: August 31, 2011, 08:41:58 am »
I've created this for my after school class at a boys' middle school. I would suggest using it with higher level students due to the range of language used (comparatives, language for opinions etc), but feel free to adjust it for lower levels. The documents were created using Open Office, so apologies if the formatting is a bit out when you open them in PPT/Word. You'll need to register here (free) if you want to post your class' team on the internet (

Football as in English football, not as in helmets, pads, countless stoppages and dumb cheerleaders ;)

Plan as follows...

1) Start w/ video clip (

2) Who's the best player? Best team? Why?

3) PPT explaining fantasy football

4) Elicit the name of the positions from students, also a player for each depending on their knowledge.

5) Rooney / Crouch comparison - Who is better? Why? Who would you buy?

6) Elicit and drill the main comparatives for the lesson

7) Apply these comparatives to Park / Mikel

8 Opinions
Elicit language for opinions (agreeing/disagreeing)
Drill new language
Complete the attached wksht

9) Now the best bit
Each team is give a copy of the worksheet (I'm only concentrating on the players and reasons not the kit design etc)
Each team is given a stats sheet (one at a time to avoid confusion) and must choose the following
2x Goalkeepers
5x Defenders
5x Midfielders
3x Strikers

The teams should be using the language they learnt earlier (opinions, comparatives etc), give them grammar work if they're just sat talking off-topic in Korean.

10) After approximately 30-40mins have each team present their fantasy football team stating the reasons for the players. As a class vote on the best team. This team can then be entered onto the official site. It's my intention to check the team each week at the start of the class and students can make one or two changes if they wish to.

I see this as a 90min class, but it may take longer/shorter depending on your students.

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Re: Fantasy Football Lesson (Higher level, best for boys)
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Brilliant activity. I'll be incorporating this for a lesson on giving advice. Cheers!