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Cultural gestures + charades game
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:52:21 am »
Here is my modified version of a cultural gestures lesson I found from somewhere that I don't remember....
I had to make this lesson fast-paced as we went through a lot of gestures as I found out that when I went slower at times to explain the gesture in more detail it didn't work out. I didn't focus much on how certain gestures were bad in other countries, just wanted the students to understand that each culture has its own unique ways of greeting and gesturing. This should only take a maximum of 20-25 minutes... if it takes longer, than it is possible to edit out some gestures.

The charades game consists of words that student know of previously and of the gestures they had just learnt in the lesson.For the charades game, you should print out all the cards, cut them out and fold them into little squares to be placed in a box. For further instructions and tips, please read the powerpoint notes on slide #2 of lesson21_charades.ppt.

Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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ahhh this is awesome and u may well have saved my bacon for tomoroo! Cheers!

Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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Haha, always good to know that I'm saving somebody's bacon. Let me know how it goes as I'm curious as to how this lesson works for other schools.

Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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andrewsvan88, thanks for posting this one.

I began by pretty much following your lesson plan. However, instead of using the powerpoint I printed off the gesture pictures on A4 paper to make large picture cards as visual aids. I find that I sometimes rely on powerpoint too much. I don't like to make it the main focus of the lesson. I thought visual aids might be better as the emphasis is on the picture, rather than just staring at powerpoint. I felt pictures might engage the students more. I did, however, begin by using the descriptions on your powerpoint to explain the meanings of the gestures and cultural significance(s). Later I largely dropped the cultural significance but still noted that the V-Sign was bad in the UK.

I found I was speaking too much in my lesson. As such I quickly began looking for ways to engage the students more and make the lesson fun for them. I am still trying to do that I feel.

One thing I have been trying is to split the students into 6 groups of 6 (there are 36 students per class). I would give each group one of the picture cards that I had made, with a number on the back. There were a total of 6 picture cards so picture cards were numbered 1 - 6.

Groups would write down what they thought the gesture on the card meant then after a minute I would shout 'CHANGE' and the groups would swap that card for a different card. This process was repeated until all groups had seen and written about all 6 cards. I gave each group a score based on how well they did.

Again, I felt this activity was dragging a bit and I could sense the boys getting bored. So now I am thinking how I can improve the lesson so that the children are more engaged, so that they don't feel bored.

One thing I have done to try and work on the students writing is to make some worksheets about the gestures. On the worksheets are miniature versions of the 6 picture cards they looked at.  Beside each picture are some key words about that gesture and a space for writing a descriptive sentence about the picture.

In one or two classes I did write a descriptive sentence highlighting key words and verbs but the students found this boring. So, again, it is back to the drawing board to see how I can make this more fun and interesting for them.

I have attached the aforementioned worksheet that I made if anyone wants to download it. I did it on powerpoint. I made 6 slides. When I print it off I check the option that allows you to print off the 6 slides onto one sheet of A4 paper. I made sure the font and pictures were of an adequate size for students to see and write on.

Oh, we did do the charades game but I had to make long sentences for the students as short ones were too easy and took no time at all to get though. Just like andrewsvan88, I jazzed things up by adding random words.

Best wishes,

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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andrew it went reallllllllly well :) was very good in encouraging the students to talk about similar gestures in korea and what they mean. the 1st grade were quite reluctant to speak but the 2nd and 3rd graders much more outgoing so encouraged a lot of free conversation which I like. I just got them to make sentences with the information to get them to practise their speaking. I warmed up by playing a game of hot seat and the charades game at the end was successful too, not too hard but still challenging for some. thanks again!

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@Ollie84: It's nice to know that you modified the lesson to suit your needs. I find that a lot of people sometimes just use other people's lessons without modifying it or seeing if the lesson suits their teaching style.

@eliza0506: That's nice to know that it encouraged the students to free-talk in the class. Most of my students' English levels aren't that well off but I try to encourage them anyway to talk in the class. One thing I do to help alleviate their shyness when speaking is by speaking really bad Korean, that way the attention is on me and not the student :)

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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I know this is an old topic, but here is my modified version of andrewvan88's lesson.  I took your great lesson and added some videos. I found that this lesson is great for those end of the year doldrums.

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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this really really amazing , can be really helpful for me

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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thank you

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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thank you for sharing good ideas

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Re: Cultural gestures + charades game
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This is a fun game.