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Grade 1: Past Continuous - Friday the 13th and Mini Clue
« on: September 17, 2010, 02:38:18 pm »
Here are two activities I just finished using for practicing the past continuous.

The first, "Friday the 13th" is a picture with a lot of bad things happening.  I showed it to students, and we crafted a question together: "What were they doing when the accident happened".  I then gave each pair a copy, and 5 minutes to write as many sentences as possible.  After 5 minutes, the groups (4 students per group/9 groups) totaled their sentences.  The group with the most sentences won points.  After, students shared one or two sentences with the class.In some groups, one partner was describing what was happening, and the other was writing it down.  I gave these groups extra points for the great teamwork.  That is also another possibility with this activity.  I am also attaching the teacher's guide for this worksheet, for additional ideas.

The second activity was a quick version of Simpsons' Clue that I made.  I set the scene with some pictures from "Who Shot Mr. Burns" and explained that there is a killer in each group.  I modeled the activity, and then students drew a quick blank schedule (3 columns [for their friends' names] and 7 rows for the times [1:00-7:00]).  I then handed out the envelopes with 4 color-printed laminated schedules and the students.  Students had to ask "What were you doing at x:00".
I also gave them one, and only one, important clue: "We know the killer was driving, not running".  Once they complete the schedule they can figure out who the killer is.  Until then, they don't know, especially since two students are driving.  After about 5-8 minutes, I had them stop, point to the killer, and then I revealed the killer's schedule.  Usually, all groups get it correct.

The .doc is if you want to make changes.  The .pdf is to print two pages per sheet so you end up with 4 mini schedules on one sheet of paper.

The killer's schedule is:
1:00 - Sleeping
2 - cooking
3 - driving
4 - shopping
5 - reading
6 - fishing
7 - eating

If anyone can make a better version of this game, please let me know!  I really like the clue idea for an EFL classroom.

Re: Grade 1: Past Continuous - Friday the 13th and Mini Clue
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 11:00:46 am »
Thanks for sharing your materials. Did you make a ppt to teach the language before the activities? How long did each activity take?

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Re: Grade 1: Past Continuous - Friday the 13th and Mini Clue
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This looks amazing! I'm actually going to use it for my 5th/6th grade after school class. It sounds like a blast!

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Re: Grade 1: Past Continuous - Friday the 13th and Mini Clue
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i think this is a great lesson! idea of using past times/hobbies will allow the students to bring in own personal experiences which encourages interest points of discussion. well done!