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Everyday is a struggle as I try to plan lessons for after school. I have 12 per week along with my 10 regular classes which are much easier since I teach from the book and so I already have a bunch of material to work from (also the regular classes are in their classrooms so I can use the computer/tv which the books need in order to conduct the lesson). Everyday I stressfully plan during my deskwarming time (times between classes) and with all that time I only come up with mediocre, boring things. It's only the first week and I don't know if I can keep this up. Any suggestions of what to do everyday? I need like actual suggestions. Like activities, lesson plans, etc. I've been searching waygook and google to try to find things to do in 40 and 80 minutes that would vary and not get boring since I cant do the same thing everyday but haven't found anything I could effectively adapt.

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 Find out who at your school is in charge of tech.  Bug that person night and day until the problem is solved. Get your korean frends to make enquiries on your behalf. Just let him her know that he she will not have a peaceful night of sleep until everything in your classroom is up and running. Otherwise kids are going to get really bored with your lessons. There's only so much you can do with a whiteboard and worksheets.

For very young learners, grade 4 and below I have found that hidden picture worksheets are really good. You can find many of them here:

Before I hand out the worksheets, I draw pictures of 8 items from the worksheet and drill each word. Students then complete the worksheets and when they are finished I get them to turn over the paper and draw the pictures and words on the back the same way I have done. Then I ask two students at a time to come to the front and I say a word and they have to draw the object. Has been working pretty well so far.

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The TBA (Task Based Approach) starts off with a text and based on the items in the text you present challenges to the students. Now if you do not have a TBA book I can give you a pdf link but you can also just go to

and make printouts till your tech issues are solved. BTW. that site is NOT a TBA method per se but it comes close and it's free. I think your students will have cell phones available to them so they can totally play the mp3 and do the accompanying exercises or you can make printouts of them. I remember a colleague of mine who used a youtube website with English subs and activities so that would be perfect for 'differentiated teaching'. My best advice would be to steer away from putting yourself in the centre of the lessonplan and moving the learning process onto the students and letting them take 'ownership' of it, but basically freeing up your hands to well, swipe left or right on Tinder or anything else worthwhile. You could totally be a goody-goody teacher and actually walk around and make a few approving grunting noises every now and then. :)

Concerning your worry about boredom: it usually gets boring once students are made to wait on others. Your best strategy is to create a way in which each student progresses at their own pace and you keep an overview of their learning process by creating stamp cards ie. once they have completed a text + exercises they come to you for a stamp (of approval  ;D) or you can have a Class captain/ House chair take care of that. (This is called Dalton plan teaching). If you create a clear monthly lessonplan in which you assign 30 texts, you will see that noone will object as the task is clearly set out at the start. However if you would assign a text each day 1 by 1, students might complain as they might not have been expecting to read yet another text again.

In my personal opinion the waygook teacher is ought to be energetic and fun but if you cant be bothered with that you could opt to become 'professional' and improve their reading. The harder you push them the more they will start to respect you. Just keep a cold, straight face and assign their duties.  8)

Also google for

fun with grammar pdf 

There you have lots of silly activities if you'd rather be that fun guy. Exhausting though to teach like that, isn't it?
Another activity I like is the desert island, which items will you bring with you. I can create a lessonplan for it if need be.

pm me if u need it.
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