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University Channel
« on: December 27, 2006, 09:36:04 am »
Something that may be of interest to people here (From The Scout Report):

University Channel [Real Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime]

A number of universities and their ever-attentive public affairs offices
have been working on creating websites that will place some of their best
and brightest online in a variety of forms, including podcasts, videocasts,
blogs, and so on. The University Channel does this one better, by creating a
webspace where a number of universities can place their respective materials
in an aggregate form. Currently, their contributors include Bennington
College, the Council on Foreign Relations, Duke University, Princeton
University, and the University of Virginia, along with several dozen others.
>From their homepage, visitors can consider the most recently posted
materials, which in recent months have included talks on North Korea,
juvenile justice policy in the 21st century, and biology and human dignity.
Visitors can search the available materials here, and also sign up for a
number of RSS feeds. [KMG]
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