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    • December 07, 2010, 02:40:46 pm

I made a topic yesterday and it got moved to buy/sell/trade, for pretty bad reasoning imho. I'm not looking to buy anything from forum users, I'm not selling and not trading; I'm looking for others to hit me up with vinyl stores in Seoul...

The mod "Sara" probably didn't look at my post, nor did she move it to the appropriate topic. There are only 2 places to post something like that,  Life in Korea or General Discussion. I wasn't quite sure which, I probably should have put it in Life in Korea? Either way, I felt the topic was appropriate in General Discussion, especially due to the amount of trolling/serious topics/harmless topics apparent in both that could apply to both forums, and I didn't want to double post.

The fact that I'm looking for vinyl shops in Seoul that are rare elsewhere in Korea has nothing to do with the thread that it was moved to. Maybe I'm an idiot, maybe the mod just didn't care, or maybe some categories are not clearly marked. I'm sure the response will lean towards "Danihel you are an idiot and a troll".

Ty in advance.

Edit: Some other mod clarification would be much appreciated, because a ton of topics were moved, and some topics, sorry to seem like an asshole to these posters (I sympathize with you), are kept in obviously 2 different sections; see the "groped" topic, and "sexual assault" topic in General Discussion and Life in Korea respectively. It seems like not even the mods are aware of the differences between these 2, especially with this moving assault on various threads to random topics.
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Yeah, some mods are a bit overzealous right now,  but in their defense, I suppose it's because the site is growing so fast. 

I also wonder what the difference is between general discussion and Life in Korea is.  Maybe a Serious Questions forum and a Whining/Asinine Topics forum would be more appropriate.

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    • November 02, 2010, 09:21:10 am
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While I understand your frustration, please send Sara a message concerning your disagreement.  I try to maintain a rule of never interfering with other Mod's work.  If anyone ever has an issue with a mod, please try messaging them or going to a level 2 moderator.
I'm Jason and I approve this message!

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I also wonder what the difference is between general discussion and Life in Korea is.  Maybe a Serious Questions forum and a Whining/Asinine Topics forum would be more appropriate.


I'm going to reply here because the OP never emailed me and it seems like others may be wondering the same thing.

Danhiel's post was moved to the Buy, Sell, Trade board because he was seeking advice on where he could buy something - posts asking where to find an item/store are always moved to that board. As the other mod said, if you have a question about why something was changed/moved, you're welcome to message the mod who did it.  Saying I must not have read it is just silly. I, along with all the other mods, spend a lot of time on here to make the site run smoothly for you.

Because of the influx of users, there are waaaay too many posts in the General Discussion board. If everything was posted on one board, your topic will only be seen for an hour or so, then it would be buried under other misplaced topics. Now that it is on the right board, it will be on the board's main page for a week or so longer and have more of a chance of being answered.

I can understand how General Discussion and Life in Korea can overlap sometimes, but just try to find the best fit possible. Things belong in the Life in Korea board as long as they relate to living in Korea but aren't specifically covered by the other boards (like travel or job issues.) The General Discussion board really shouldn't be used very often because it's only for important discussions that do not fit into any other boards.

If you have any questions about where a post should go or anything, please contact me or another mod.
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