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My new lesson plan posts and other materials I will upload
« on: July 29, 2011, 08:17:58 am »
I'm uploading all of the materials I got from here or other sites. A lot of the material was made by someone else, and I made some things as well. I also changed existing material to suit the needs of my students. I apologize if I am double-posting other people's material, however, I wanted to get all of the files on my school computer on the website because I just found out that my school is taking my materials and passing it off as their own. That includes OTHER people's work that I downloaded from this and other sites. So, I will be posting a ridiculous amount of materials in the next couple of days (and then erasing it from my work computer), so bear with me!

When I have time I will go through the materials that are double-posted on other user's threads and delete them.

As Dewey Finn says in "School of Rock" ..."stick it to the man!"