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Winter via BogglesWorld
« on: December 04, 2006, 02:21:51 pm »
This isn't something earth-shatteringly wonderful, but it works for middle school students at the end of the semester.

My quick-note lesson plan:
1. Jessica complains about being cold. Asks for the name of the season.
2. Board brainstorm of words related to winter. Throw in some of the new words that will come up in the game later.
3. "brain blizzard" - from BogglesWorld - attachment below (I reminded them that I tend to pull words from previous lessons into games of Typhoon - that got a bunch more folks to do what I asked them to.)
* note: this is a fairly standard graphic organizer format and is somewhat similar to a common form of pre-writing in their Korean classes (at least in my school). Some will run with it and go. Some need a lot of prompting.
4. Winter word concentration (flash cards from BogglesWorld - Linked here). I added that they needed to read the card in order to be able to count it towards their "points" as a way to get them to speak at least a little more.

You could easily skip the idea mapping and go straight to the game, but I wanted another way to reinforce the vocabulary.

Some kids ended up playing Go/Stop after the first round of Concentration. I don't know the game well, but I was okay with it, and just wanted them to at least read the words on the cards.

You can get all the flash cards to print out on one sheet of paper. I laminated and cut them out - two pages/group - and have kids play in groups of 2-3 in order to eliminate the number of kids who seem to try to float through in my classes. I printed and laminated an additional sheet for the inevitable lost card or two and it was a LOT of cutting, but since I only see kids once every two weeks, the prep was worth it for me. Your mileage may vary.

I played this with my adult classes as a "model" and they loved it.
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