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Auction Game - correcting sentences
« on: July 08, 2011, 09:43:09 am »
I found this game left on my computer by the previous English teacher and altered it a little to fit with my lessons.  It's a good game for having students identify mistakes in English sentences.

The class is split up into teams.  Each team is given a small white board (a laminated piece of paper will work) and a board pen.

Sentences are shown on the screen and students must identify the mistake (if there is one) and correct it.

Students must also bid on their answer depending on how confident they are.  This seems to be a way of giving points that keeps the kids motivated.  For some reason having a $ sign infront of the points makes it alot more important to win  ;D

I used the threat of homework for any team if they reach $0.  They would then recieve $25 more and if they lost all their money again the homework was increased.  This was after some kids in the first class didn't care about losing all their money and being out of the game.  It worked well but it's up to you if you use it.

I used sentences based on what the students had been learning from the book, obviously these should be changed accordingly.