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Describing Personalities
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I taught this to my H.S. girls.  This power point follows the H.S. textbook (white textbook with a picture of blonde girl on it). 

I gave them a spelling quiz using these words. 
Then I had them repeat the words to work on pronunciations.
I then had them identify the correct vocabulary word to the picture.

Activity:  I had them draw their partner.  I then collected the drawings and shuffled them up.  I then passed out the drawings and the students look for the person on their drawing.  After the student found the student that matched the drawing, the student with the drawing had to interview the student that matched the drawing.  "What are 4 words that describe your personality".

Then I picked one student to stand up and introduce the student that they interviewed.  "I interviewed ___Jackie_____.  4 words that describe ____Jackie____ are: Smart, crazy, tidy, active. 

"Jackie" then introduces the person that she interviewed (drawing that she has in her hand). 
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