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Re: Superhero Camp
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Here's a superhero-themed onomatopoeia lesson I made, including mystery box game. Enjoy!,102774.0.html

Re: Superhero Camp
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This person has a really good prezi for explaining to students how to make a superhero comic strip.  I'm aiming this for middle school students.

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Re: Superhero Camp
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3 days
3 hours (4 periods)/day

Prepared for 3-6th grade, but similar throughout.

1 large PPT for all 3 days, separated by a "Welcome to our Super Class" slide.

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Re: Superhero Camp
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I did all this and some supplementary material and it lasted for 7 days. The students had a great time as did I. The students favorite games to play were the "Ultimate Superhero game" and the "Who's the best superhero game".  They also loved doing the "Save the Egg" activity.

*One thing that I may not have put in the ppts is that I had a day to teach "Who is Batman's enemy?" "The Joker is Batman's enemy." and etc.

*We did a Scattergories game two times. They had quite a lot of fun with this. Each team got one paper.

*We also wrote journals a few times. I just printed fun journal papers off of the internet. I awarded stickers for the best written journals. Throughout the whole camp they put stickers on their posters they made the first day and the winners at the end received pencil cases. Everyone else got things like pencils and erasers. The last day we of course had a pizza and chicken party!

*Most of the powerpoint games were taken from this site and modified to fit my camp. Credit to those who rightly deserve it.  ;D

*Printing things out and laminating them took some time, but it was so worth it. The students absolutely loved the games involving the cards.

For the Ultimate Superhero Game.... does anyone know what are supposed to be the Mind Reading and Fire Throwing stalls? (And where to get a bow and arrow for that matter)

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Re: Superhero Camp
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I am making a rendition of this camp with no budget available (string for masks is something I still have from a previous camp). As I update or create materials they will be added or versioned up in this folder. Camp is being used for 3rd and 4th graders, 5 days - 2 class periods totalling 80 min for each grade. So far the largest takeaway from this camp is that the students are obsessed with heads up seven up. They beg to reduce other game time to play it again, which my coteach loved since it meant they were ridiculously quiet while playing.

The camp plan is in the materials folder and has outlined what I will be doing/making - it has been modified from original plan. Day 2 has been changed from memory game to a headsup seven up game, and a couple other changes to reduce how many physical materials I have to make. Memory game card Word doc is in Day 2 if anyone prefers to use that. I just decided with how many students are coming to my camp it was too much a hassle to cut that many pieces and laminate.

Booklet is complete - recommend printing from PDF as a booklet. Pages are rotated to face outwards during booklet printing.

Day 1 is complete.

Day 2 main PPT is complete, Heads down - thumbs up instructions added to main ppt for after break. The original PPT from my instruction plan/outline with the memory game instructions if you prefer that is still in the folder as well.

Day 3 main PPT complete and cubes are in drive. Superheroes of the classroom game is complete in drive. Avengers bomb game added since the classroom I was asked to teach in had 3 pairs of scissors for 27 kids so nixed the cube craft.

Day 4 main PPT/RPS trading card game template and PPT are in drive folder.

Battle Bomb game is complete. This is the crowning achievement of my PPT making for this camp. Sprite designs were found online and made into animated gifs. I obviously took longer on the villains, but oh well; the Avengers themselves can continue being derpy because I don't care to go back and make more gifs. haha The point of the game is just to get the students to use the single word vocab words taught just before playing. It's effectively just a battle game similar to play style of Pokemon games and just using Marvel characters. Because of the amount of triggers on each page, the letters on the main screen refuse to disappear after being chosen, so make sure to keep a record on the board of which letters are used/unused.  Students choose a letter, then how to defeat their villian - Attack, Defend, Dodge. Attack and Defend have additional options for what skill to use for attacking or who to defend. These options give the points for the team. The Avenger's symbol takes you back to the home selection slide. This game is immensely gif and animation heavy and likes to break on older computers/crash Powerpoint. Heads up.

Day 5 main PPT and 4 corners game are complete in Drive folder. End of Camp Certificates are also in folder. Tabdong is the name of my school so I've been referencing the school as the city all week long, change to your own school name.
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