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HS English Grade 1 - Maple Story theme
« on: June 27, 2011, 09:54:57 am »
This is a lesson I did for my grade 1 High School kids at the end of semester. Lesson is a bit easier than normal because they have tests this week (I did this lesson last week).

We use the book High School English edited by Georgeanna Hall (published by 천재교육). It’s from chapter 5 “The Road Ahead” but modified to be a review of the first 6 chapters.

Set Up
After the title screen comes up I then divide them into groups of approx 4 and give each group member a different work sheet. It’s not a deal breaker if you have two of the same class (Magician, Archer etc) in a group though.

1st part
I then run through the first exercise and they start completing their sheets and we run through the answers. I have them individually read a part (i.e. you’re A, next one is B etc).

2nd part
The second part is a speaking duel and the students have to choose which sentence fills the gap (see PowerPoint) when the play the part of W or M. If the use the right sentence I give their team/party a point (so normally both teams will get one point). These points carry over into the bomb game.
The duels are decided by class. i.e. Warrior in group 1 plays the part of M and Warrior in group 2 plays the part of W......etc etc.
This is a big chunk of the lesson time as every student gets a go eventually.

3rd part
Students make words from the letters provided. What happens when they level up…nothing its just frivolous flavor and none of the students called me on it.
It’s possible to make a 10 letter word from each set of letters if you want to.
Motherland, beachfront, lumberjack and pathfinder.

4th Part
This was all vocabulary that came up in recent lessons and so was really a review. Make it clear to each student they should know the words for at least their class. I also printed out spare copies of the dialog slides because some groups may be lacking a member from a particular class.
I make the whole class repeat the words after me and then we get started on the bomb game. A couple of elements are ripped shamelessly from other teachers uploaded work. The coin animation comes from Shane’s Mario game and the disappearing letter effect from the Girls Generation bomb game (I think).
This then leads into the powerpoint game as the questions are very simple. They see the Korean word and then are expected to say the answer in English. For higher level kids you should take away their worksheet for this one.

5th Part
My co teacher actually participated* in class a few times for this one so the lesson went a bit faster. That leads you to the time waster at the end where they draw your own character. I found it quite useful in giving the smarter kids something to do while I gave extra time to the slower ones. I usually use something a bit educational though (find a word, unscramble words, unjumble sentences etc). Some of the drawings were pretty good and now decorate the class room. 

* And it wasn’t even an open class (shock horror) but then she is leaving at the end of the month :(

Attached is Power point Presentation
Work sheet (x4)
Powerpoint bomb game
Sound file (just in case there are some technical problems)
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Re: HS English Grade 1 - Maple Story theme
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 10:29:13 am »
Great job! A week too late for me, but good job nonetheless. I'll make a note in my textbook to visit your thread so I remember next year.

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Re: HS English Grade 1 - Maple Story theme
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2011, 10:31:02 am »
I don't teach HS but my students love maple story in a big way. I might steal this and use it as a template for an elementary lesson, if that's ok? Thanks very much for sharing the idea!