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Grade 1 Lesson 4
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Lesson Plan
Lesson Type: Speaking(practicing key expressions in a dialogue); Listening for directional instructions
Topic:  Birthday Party

Objectives:  Students will be able to
   Practice key expressions through dictation relay game
   Listen and draw an image based on a scene description

Assumptions:  They have been taught the future tense. Students have at least gone over the key expressions as a group and have written it in their notebooks.  Each group will have assigned each member a role (writer, runner, etc.)

Anticipated Problems/Solutions:  Students might be confused about the dictation relay game if I don’t give clear directions. (Make sure you act out what each student will do)  Students might not understand where each image should be placed on a paper (Maybe do a quick review on prepositions before reading each description.)  I might find myself short on time if students take longer to memorize each dialogue.(maybe just assign one winner and then move on to the next activity)

Introduction:  Begin class by writing down the topic on the board. “Birthdays”  Ask a few volunteers their birthday.  Listen for mistakes and possibly take note for later.  Maybe do a quick review on the months of the year.  Maybe sing “Happy Birthday” to students who are celebrating that month.

Powerpoint Presentation:  key expression:  “Will you come to my birthday party?”  Explain that this sentence is in future tense and is in a form of a question.  Maybe include how you would make it into a statement (You will come to my birthday party)  Also, write down other ways to ask someone’s to attend. i.e.  “Will you attend…” “Are you going to my …..on Saturday)  Ask students to repeat after you. 
Create dialogue and do a whole group reading.  Afterwards, ask for volunteers to read each line.  Maybe erase a few words each time a new volunteer reads.

Activity 1:  Dictation Relay
In prepared pieces of paper write down various dialogue using the key expression. Divide the class into groups.  Each group will assign a reader, writer, runner etc.  Explain that around the class are posted papers with a dialogue written on them.  One runner will go towards their paper and read the first line.  Each runner will read, memorize each line and run back towards their group.  An assigned writer will write down the dialogue.  When complete, the next step is to memorize the dialogue as a group.  The first group who are able to recite the dialogue wins.
Afterwards, review each various dialogue and re-emphasize how the expression was used in each dialogue.

Activity2:  Picture Dictation
Next distribute paper to each student.  Tell them that you will describe a picture of a birthday party.  Each student will have the task of listening carefully and drawing that same image.  Before you begin, review prepositions. (next to, under, above, on, etc)
For ex:
1.   A 1 year old boy is sitting on a chair in the middle of the paper
2.   In front of him is a rectangular table.
3.   On the right side of the table is a round cake
4.   On the left side are three gifts.
5.   Behind the boy is his mother and father
6.   Under the table is the family dog  etc…..
Afterwards, reveal the picture and maybe pick a student with the best picture.