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Grade 2 Lesson 2
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Lesson 2:  School is Fun
Objectives:  Students will be able to
   write new vocabulary words in notebook
   observe how other students go to school around the world
   survey students and graph results

Introduction:  Ask students if school is fun.  Ask why/why not?  Explain that around the world students also go to schools but make a point of how lucky they are to be in Korea.  Many children wish they were in school.

Video:  Schools around the world

Vocabulary-  Write down vocabulary words in their notebooks

Game:  Student will play the “Missing vowel game”

PPT:  Show slides of students in different parts of the world.  Ask follow up questions For example:  How does she go to school?  Answer:  She goes to school by bus
Do this for each slide.

Survey:  Students will now interview 8 students.  I will put the tables together.  Explain after 2 min.  They will switch.  If time allows, have students write up the three results. 

Collect notebooks/worksheet and continue activity next week.

Conclusion:  Today students were able to learn about different cultures through the students in all parts of the world.  They learned each expression and were able to use it in the survey activity.  They learned to practice speaking through this interview process.