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Grade 1 Lesson 3
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Lesson 3:  Answers on the Web

Objective: Today students will
   Learn new vocabulary words
   Learn new expressions/speak out
   Give advice to different types of problems

Introduction:  Play Vivaldi’s Spring while reading the poem on pg. 44  Read alone and then choral reading..  Introduce new vocabulary words.

Activity:  Dictation Relay..
Explain that each table will have an assigned paper posted around the room.  One student from each group will race to read the lines of each dialogue.  After they have finished writing down the dialogue, groups will try to memorize as a group.  The first group to memorize wins points.
PPT:  Go over the dialogues.  Explain which ones are problems and advice.

Activity#2:  Distribute one handout.  Each group will get one problem.  While one student writes, the other three will give advice.  If groups finish very early, give another problem. 
When finished, one person from each group will read out the advice, while other groups guess the problem.  If a group guesses after one advice give 5pts.  2 advice=3pts  3 advice=1pt.

Conclusion:  Students were able to give advice to each problems.