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Hey all,

I just did my Gyeonggi-do Public School open class and received good reviews, so I am uploading my powerpoint along with all materials and activities in the hopes that someone might find some inspiration or get some ideas from them. The lesson is on "Cheer up" and "Why don't you..." and includes three activitites: a writing and speaking activity, a bingo game, and Jeopardy (which the kids went ape **** for). For Jeopardy, I organized the class into 6 teams and gave each team a big whiteboard, pen and eraser. First team to answer correctly got the cash for their team. Most cash won tootsie pops.

Anyways, hopefully this helps someone out!

*Edit: Jeopardy is an interactive presentation. To see it work, press F5 and view it as the slide show. There are two categories, "cheer up" and "Why don't you...." Students will choose a dollar amount from one of the categories, and then they will be presented with a scenario. They must write a response to the scenario using the question's category. For example, Cheer Up for $200 may be "I am sad. Doosan lost the baseball game." The first team to write something along the lines of "Cheer up, they will win the next match!" is awarded the question's dollar value. After a team successfully answers a question, hover your mouse around the center of the slide until it turns into a hand. Click and it will take you back to the scoreboard instead of advancing to the next slide.
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