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Action verbs..... and health lessons.....
« on: November 15, 2006, 10:10:43 am »
for the health lesson.
I play a game where i print all of the cards off withoutwords and number them and place them with the picture to the board with magnet. then there are 5 teams.... each team gets a chance to choose a number... then I show them the picture. I explain they must say.... he/she has a...... cold/ whatever the picture is. They have five second to guess if they don't know... any team can guess. With the last 3 cards... I just show them to the class... and the first top put up their hand...gets a point for their team.
Then I either give thenm a premade dialog to practice or memorize or I make them make their own if they are smart. Dialog must include:
'what is wrong'
a sickness
-Get Better Soon
then they share for candy
Then I play pictionary with the words.
- I put them words cut up in a bag and make them take turns drawing and geussing.....
for the action verb one.... I haven't made a lesson for that yet..... but it will be along the lines of.....what is she doing? At 7:10 she is eating food.
and maybe charades.....