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Spring has Sprung
« on: June 14, 2011, 08:48:27 am »
Hello all.  This is a lesson I gave on spring to my second and third grade middle schoolers.  I found a crossword and 'go-fish' cards on and formed a lesson around them. 

If you follow the ppt, you will hit most of the major questions from the crossword puzzle. 

However, when you get to the bear I like to elaborate.  I start by asking what animals do in the winter.  The class says sleeping, and then I ask, 'Who sleeps?'  Almost always the class says bears first.  Next, ask what a heart is, followed by what a heart beat is.  This should get some laughs thanks to K-pop.  Then write 80 bpm on the board and ask the class what it means.  If they can't, say it's the average beats per minute of a bear's heart.  Now ask what is the bpm of a bear when it is resting in winter.  Guide them to 8 bpm.  My students were always surprised.  But to further hit the point home, you should show what a 80 bpm is like and an 8 bpm is like by thumping your chest or leg.  80 is quicker than one per second while 8 is about a full beat per 12 seconds.  It helps if you act lethargic while showing  8 bpm as well.

The 'Go-fish' game is a fun and easy exercise to show the kids.  But I never had enough time in this class so I saved it for the next week.    I printed off four sets of the hand out for each table.  I gave 6 cars to the 5-6 students per table.  This will give you extra for the draw pile. 

First, I had the students organize the cards to familiarize themselves with the sentences.  Next, I covered all the cards with the class.  Then, with the help of my co-teacher, we explained the rules.  After the game was over, we had the students write all the sentences on their hand out and wrapped up the class.
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