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Superlative / Comparative
« on: June 13, 2011, 04:26:26 pm »
This is a class I gave to my 3rd graders.  If you can keep the class organized, they have fun.  I have 7 teams with 5-6 students per team.  I also have designated team captains.

I started by reviewing the previous class' material: superlative and comparative.  Next I called up the team captains to me and explained the rules of the day.  Every captain would be in charge of a station.  They would watch as the teams would compete to see who could jump the highest, write the fastest, hold their breath the longest, etc.  I gave teams about 3-4 minutes at each station before rotating clockwise.  I also gave the target sentences to each team captain for their station to ensure accurate English. 

The stations are:

1. Comparing shoes
2. Comparing writing
3. Playing rock, paper, scissors
4. Standing on one leg he longest
5. Tongue twister
6. Jumping
7. Holding their breath

I didn't have much time after the class, but you can do more with the lesson:
You can ask the class for the highest / most.

You can also collect the fastest times, longest breath, etc from every class go to excel and throw the data into a graph to show the classes next week.  Just a thought.

If you have any questions, please let me know.