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Grade 6 Index
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2012 Books

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Book 1
Publisher or author: 천재교육 (Cheonjae), Frances Sohn

1. What Grade Are You In?
   Iím in the ~ grade. I want to join the Green Club. Sorry. Our band is for the 5th grade only. (clubs) What class are you in? Iím in grade 6, class 2. Iím so excited. I like your class.
2. Iíll Play the Guitar
   What will you do for the talent show? (future tense) How about you? Thatís interesting! Can you show me some moves? [sing a song, ride a bike, read a poem, do my homework]
3. I Have a Fever
   (illnesses) You look sick. Whatís the matter? You should go see a doctor. I will call your homeroom teacher. (doctorís orders) *You should take a rest.
4. When Is Your Birthday?
   Itís May ~. (holidays) We have the same birthday. When is ~. What will you do? Weíll pick up cans and bottles and have an Earth Day parade. Can I join the parade? No problem.
5. Whoís Calling, Please?
   May I speak to Kelly? Hold on, please. Kelly, itís for you! Whatís up? Letís play badminton this afternoon. All right. What time? How about at two?
6. Itís Next to the Bank
   Excuse me. Where is ~? (directions) Itís behind the hospital (places in a city)
7. Why Are You So Happy?
   Why are you so ~[sad]? Because I lost my dog. I canít find him.
8. Would You Like to Come?
   Would you like to come to my birthday party [a snack party]? Of course. Iíd love to, but I canít. I have to see a doctor.
9. Iím Going to Fly a Kite
   What are you going to do this afternoon? Nothing special. How about you? Iím going to ~
10. How Often Do You Exercise?
   Once [twice] a week. Every day. You should exercise more often. You should ~ [drink milk, take a shower, clean your room]
11. I'm Faster Than You!
   Who is faster? I canít believe it! My hair is longer than your hair. (animals) Which is bigger, China or Russia. Congratulations! Youíre the winner!
12. How Do You Say It in Korean?
   Mina, can you tell me about this? Yes, itís a geomungo. Itís a Korean musical instrument.
13. What Do You Want to Be?
   I want to be a fashion model. What are you ~? Do you want to be an astronaut? (occupations)
Grade 6, Review Lessons (Cheonjae-Frances Sohn)

Book 2
Author or publisher: 천재교육 (Cheonjae)

1. Iíll Visit Your House Tomorrow
Where do you live? I live in ~. Really? My uncle lives there too. Here you are. See you later. Iíll visit your house tomorrow after school. Whatís your phone number?
2. Let Me Introduce My Friends
   Let me introduce my friends to you. This is my aunt, Victoria. She loves playing the guitar. Wow, what a handsome man! This is my dad. He helps sick children in Africa. What a great man!
3. What Do You Want to Be?
   I want to be a ~. (occupations) I want to help sick children in Africa. I want to drink some apple juice.
4. I Have a Headache
   Thatís too bad. Donít play soccer today. Watch out for the ball! (aches and pains) Why donít you get some rest?
5. Iím Taller Than You
   Your hands are bigger than mine. Thanks, but I need a bigger pan. Iíll get it for you. This is Table Mountain. Itís in South Africa. What an interesting mountain! It looks like a table. Which is longer?
6. Itís on the Second Floor
   Go straight and turn right. Itís next to the bookstore. Whereís the ~? Oh, I see. (directions and places in a city)
7. What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow?
   Iím going to~ [go swimming, play baduk with my grandpa]. (future-going to)
8. Can I Speak to Mr. Baker?
   Is Cathy there? Hold on, please. You have the wrong number. Is this --- --? Whatís your last name? How do you spell it? This is he.
9. We Went There By Bus
   Where did you go? (past tense) I went to the library [post office]. Did you go there by subway?
10. Because We Should Save the Earth
   Because we have to clean up. Iíll pick up all the bottles. Donít throw away the cans. You should turn it off. (should)
11. Iím Looking for a Shirt
   May I help you? (shopping and Korean money) I like the mirror, but itís too small [expensive].
12. What Would You Like to Do?
   What would you like to do at the center? Iíd like to clean the rooms [cook, make spaghetti]. What time shall we meet? Same here. How about at ten?
13. What Do You Know about Tom Sawyer?
   I think itís a great book [an interesting story]. What do you know about ~? Itís a good restaurant. Cheer up! And donít worry. Get some rest and new ideas will come to you.
Grade 6: Review and Multi-Lesson (Cheonjae)

Book 3
Publisher or author: YBM (Maria Oh is an author 오마리아)

1. Iím in the Sixth Grade
   Whatís the problem? Whereís your classroom? I donít know. Can you help me, please? What grade are you in? Itís on the ~ floor. Glad to meet you. (rooms in a school)
2. Spring Is Here
   Wow, today is Saturday. What a nice weather! How about going to Grandmotherís house? What are these? They are seeds for planting. Wow, youíre a good farmer. Look at the flowers. Theyíre beautiful. I like spring. (seasons)
3. My Birthday Is April 17th
   Iím so sorry. I canít go to your birthday. Howís it going? Not so good. My birthday is coming but my dad canít come. He is in the U.S. A. now. I want to have some delicious food and play games. Whatís the date today? I am dancing. You are good at dancing.
4. May I See Your Ticket?
   These are for you. Happy Childrenís Day! Letís go to the amusement park today. You can ride many exciting rides there. Wow, itís fun. I like this. They are so cute. Close your eyes. We are making a card for our teacher.
5. I Want to Be a Fashion Designer
   (occupations) Then you can be a musical actress. (?)
6. How Can I Get to the Post Office?
 Go straight two blocks and turn right (directions) (city places) Whatís your phone number? Itís near the bank (behind, between, next to)
7. Iím Stronger than You
   You look good today. Thanks, I exercise every morning with my father. You canít win, Jimin. How strong she is!
8. I Will Go to the Mud Festival
   What will you do this weekend? (telephone conversation) I will read some books. (future tense)
9. How Much Are These Shoes?
   My shoes are too small. Letís go and buy new shoes. (Korean money, shopping) They are cheap and nice. Iíll take them.
10. I Saw a Mask Dance in Andong
   What did you make? I made a mask. (past tense) How nice of you! I made a very handsome man. 
11. What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow?
   Weíre going to help people in need. Can you tell me about your plan? (going to) Itís time for running. Letís go!
12. Itís Time to Help the Earth
   Itís time to ~ . Global warming is a big problem. We must help the earth. We can ~
13. When Did You Go to New York?
   Oh, you got a new necklace. Where did you buy it? (past tense, again?) (countries)
14. Would You Like to Try a Taco?
   Yes, Iíd love to. What will you have? (ordering in a restaurant) Letís go and try another food. How do you spell it? I had lots of special food today.
15. Iím Going to Nuri Middle School
   Where are you going? So long. (going to, again?) (graduation talk)
Grade 6, Multi-lesson Review (YBM-Maria Oh)
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Grade 6 Index.
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2012 Books Continued...

Book 4
Authors and publisher: YBM

1. Howís It Going?
   Whereís your classroom?  Itís on the ~ floor. Really? Thatís great. Weíre in the same class. My classroom is next to yours. (music room, science room, teachersí room), Where are you going? Itís on the 2nd floor. Go up the stairs and turn left. You canít miss it.
2. How Do You Spell It?
   May I speak to Yuri? No, Iím sorry. Sheís not here. Whoís calling, please? This is ~. Can I take a message? Did you do the science homework? I canít solve the last problem. Visit the website, ďScience factory.Ē What? Science Victory? I canít hear you.
3. I Have a Toothache
   Have some cookies, Jina. You donít look well. You have to see a dentist. Whatís wrong? (illnesses and doctorís orders)
4. There Is a Chocolate House
   This is my room. There is~[a computer on the desk, a cap under, next to] Thereís an ice cream house on the hill.
5. For Here or To Go?
   May I take your order? Yes, Iíd like ~ (fast food, restaurant)  Itís too hot.
6. I Want to Be a Dancer
   What are you doing? Iím ~-ing. You are good at ballet [soccer, skating]. He practices 10 hours a day. I want to be a great player like him.
7. How Do You Earn Pocket Money?
   What will you do this Sunday? Iíll water the flowers and wash the dishes. I work for it on Sundays. I go to school on foot. Good for you.
8. May I Try It On?
   How about this? I want a pretty dress like yours. How much is it? Itís $20. (money, shopping)
9. What Can I Do For You?
   I live next door. We moved in last week. Nice to meet you. Where are you going? Iím going to the library. We can go together. Iím looking for a book, but I canít find it.
This box is too heavy. Can you help me?
10. Youíre Taller than Me
   (zoo animals and comparison) How tall it is!  How big its mouth is!
11. This Is My Blog
   Wow, you have a lot of pictures. You look wonderful. You look like ~[a Scotsman]. Can you tell me about it?
12. Do You Remember?
   Donít you remember? Your mom said, Ďdonít eat too much.í Iím kiwi bird. Iím from New Zealand. Please come back by 6 oíclock.
13. King Sejong Invented Hangeul
   Who wrote~. What did he do? (past tense) She taught Helen Keller. He won many battles.
14. Fasten Your Seat Belt
   Donít do that. You should not put your hand out the window. You should~[not cut in line]. Itís time to ~ go to bed [go home].
15. Letís Have a Farewell Party
   Today is our last class. Would you like to come to our classroom. We want to have a farewell party for you. I agree. Same here. Me too. Sure, Iíd love to.
16. We Are at the Ice Festival
   Arenít you ~ [hungry, cold] Can you take a picture for me? Who made the ice man. I have no idea. I had a dream. I went to ~ [the ice festival]
Multi-Lesson materials for YBM

Book 5
Author or publisher: 대교 (Daegyo)

1. Where Are You From?
   (countries and nationalities) Iím from ~. How do you spell your name?
2. Where Is Annaís Doughnut Shop?
   Excuse me, can you help me? Itís between the hospital and the pet shop. Go straight two blocks and turn right. (directions and places in a city)
Story Time 1 Ė Heidi, Girl of the Alps
3. What Will You Have?
   What do you have for lunch? We have steak, salads.. (food) Iím very hungry now. Have some rice. You can try mine.
4. My Birthday is April 3rd
   Whatís the date today? Can you come to my house tomorrow afternoon? This is for you. Oh, itís a cute puppy.
Story Time 2 Ė Beauty and the Beast
5. Donít Run in the Classroom
   Donít make noise in the classroom [sit on the bench]. Why? Because the elevator is for old people.
6. I Want to Clean the Windows
   What do you want to do? I want to make sandwiches [sing a song]. I donít want to dance.
Story Time 3 Ė The Princess and the Frog
7. What Do Frogs Eat?
   Grasshoppers eat grass. Owls, snakes, spiders, rabbits, birds, wolves,
8. Iíll Go to Busan by Train
   What will you do this vacation? Iíll go to~ (future tense).
Story Time 4 Ė The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
9. Whoís Calling, Please?
   This is Jinu. May I speak to ~. Speaking. (telephone)
10. May I Try Some?
   May I get on the bus [feed that bear]. Sure, you can. Sorry, you canít. Itís dangerous. ****(CAN I?)
Story Time 5 Ė Romeo and Juliet
11. Hallasan Is Higher Than Jirisan
   Letís draw a picture of Korean mountains or islands. Which is higher? You know what? (comparisons)
12. Would You Like to Come to My Party?
   Wow, a pajama party? Sure, Iíd love to. Weíll have dinner, stay up late, and play games.
Story Time 6 Ė Gulliverís Travels
13. Whatís Your Favorite Season?
   (seasons and favorites)
14. What a Big Pear!
   (Chuseok) (food)
Story Time 7 Ė Thumbelina
15. What Do You Think of Sim Cheong?
   Itís an old Korean story. Please tell me about the story. Sheís a good daughter, but the story is so sad.
16. Congratulations!
   What are you going to do this winter? Iím going to~
Grade 6, Multi-Lesson Materials (Daegyo)

Book 6
Author or Publisher: Vande Voort Heidi Marie 교학사

1. Howís It Going?
   What a nice jacket! I want to dance here. I want to be a dancer. Please introduce yourself. Iím glad to meet you. My hobby is playing the guitar. Iím from India.
2. My Favorite Animal Is a Dolphin
   (favorites) Iím going fishing. Would you like to go with me? What a beautiful animal! I like monkeys. They are funny.
3. Iím Going to Plant Seeds
   When are you going to the science museum? Why donít you come with me? Thatís a good idea. Why donít you ~?  Iím going to ~
4. Whatís the Date Today?
   (holidays around the world) How do you spell festival? Congratulations!
5. Iím Taller than You
   Look at my apple. Itís so big. But my apple is bigger than your apple. (comparisons) Let me ~ [move it, open it, come in, draw a picture]
6. What Do You Want to Do?
   How about singing with me [buying some drinks]? Why not? I want to ~
7. How Do You Get to the Park?
   (directions and places in a city) Wow. Look at that tower! How big [small] it is!
8. 8. May I Take Your Order?
   (ordering in a restaurant) Iíd like to have ~
9. Whoís Calling, Please?
   (talking on the phone) Why donít we have lunch? What about over there? Where would you like to eat?
10. How Was Your Weekend?
   Did you have a nice weekend? It was great. I learned a lot about ~. First, I went to the art museum. (past tense)
11. Donít Forget to Stand in Line
   Donít pick the flowers. They are our friends. Oh, Iím sorry. It doesnít matter. Itís going to be rainy.
12. I'll Miss You
   So long. Can you tell me about ~? Say hello to ~ for me. When will we open it? (future tense)
Grade 6, Review Lessons (Heidi Marie)

2011 National Book
Lesson 1 - Where Are You From?
Lesson 2 - Is This York Street?
Lesson 3 - Do You Like Spring? (old title=I like Spring)
Lesson 4 - When Is Your Birthday?
Lesson 5 - May I Help You?
Lesson 6 - Can I Have Some Water?
Lesson 7 - My Father is a Pilot
Lesson 8 - What Will You Do This Summer?
Lesson 9 - How Was Your Vacation?
Lesson 10 - I'm Stronger Than You
Lesson 11 - What Do You Want To Do?
Lesson 12 - Will You Help Me, Please?
Lesson 13 - That's Too Bad
Lesson 14 - Would you like to come to my house?
Lesson 15 - It's Time To Go Home
Lesson 16 - So Long Everyone
Multi-lesson Review - Grade 6 - Review and Multi-lesson Materials
Story Time - Grade 6 2011 Storytime
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