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and Day 4

Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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I see most of the material is for Elementary Level students.

Has anyone done an Around the World camp for advanced level Middle School? I am doing science this week, and still need to prep for my next week (ahhhh!) If anyone can guide me in the right direction, I will be forever grateful.

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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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amcinnisa - I used your Risk template with my middle school girls today and they LOVED it. Thank you!!

For anyone low on resources, I didn't even bother with lamination. Just slipped the map inside a clear plastic folder. And I replaced the dice with rock paper scissors.

stamerjam: I'm doing an Around the World camp (loosely) at the moment. The Risk game is great if you just adapt the questions to a higher level. I'm also using Leo Fuchigami's lesson on a day in the life of a Canadian student to compare it to Korean middle school life (and getting them to present their school lives - maybe even put together a short video). Fill in the gap song activities are always handy - just choose a song from the country you're doing. Postcard writing to anyone back home is around the world-ish. For Asia I plan on doing a lesson on origami (following instructions). And for Europe a cooking class. tbh I'm struggling for ideas for middle school too, so any more suggestions would be a huge help!
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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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The Risk Game is amazing- the students loved it. My school has this massive printer so I printed it out poster size, covered it with a clear sheet of plastic I found in the gift wrap aisle at daiso (there's no massive laminator, unfortunately).  The questions are easily adaptable to the around the world theme.

Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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Youtube clip on how maps are distorted and how that affects our thinking of the third world.
It's a bit funny too. The dialogue is too high level for elementary school but someone might want to use part of it.

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English Speaking Countries
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This is a powerpoint about 5 English Speaking countries: USA, South Africa, England, Australia and Canada.  :D

Party in the USA
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I used ideas from several other people and used this for my camp. Thank you to the other contributors!

Winter Camp 2012 Party in the USA
Monday: New York, Pizza & Games
Period 1:
   New York ppt 
   New York worksheet
   Pizza Song
   Pizza Ingredients & instruction worksheet
Day 1 Period 2
   Memory Game

Day 2: Chicago 
Period 1:
   Chicago PPT
   Make your own pizza worksheet
Period 2
   Scavenger Hunt Rules
   Scavenger Hunt
   Scavenger Hunt Results

Day 3: Arizona/Southwest
   AZ/SW powerpoint
   Az wordsearch
Day 3 Period 2: Peanut Butter & Jelly; giving instructions
 life of 3rd grade American
   Everyone learns about Pb & J
   PB  & J worksheet 2 groups.
   PB & J making! (kids thought this was hilarious)

Day 4: Period 1
   Facebook PPT Describing your family/friends/interests/hobbies/pictures/music.
   Make a facebook profile page
Day 4 Period 2
   Water Pong rules
   Water Pong Tournament

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Country: Egypt
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Sorry didnt realize I didnt upload the PPT
This is a ppt for Egypt: capital,food,sports,animals,pyramids,etc.
In the beginning of the class, tell students they would have to listen carefully for they will play a fun game.

At the end, I played a goldenbell game. Students were put into teams (4) with a whiteboard, marker, and eraser. I just gave chocopie to the winning team.
If you have time you can also play musical chairs by playing this song: (Walk like an Egyptian)
my elementary students loved musical chairs.
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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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This is a very good idea and I will try to do something like it for my summer camp.  Here is 4-H guide to following a map using a compass.

4-H Forestry Facts: Map Reading and How to Use a Compass

Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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I like this idea.  Do people find it difficult to explain some of the new games from other countries to the students?  I would think that cartoon dude saying all the countries is just for laughs.  I can't imagine my students getting too many of the country names.  I was thinking of having a quiz near the end of each day, Where do these animals live for example.  Is this a good idea.  Do the students get really put off at the idea of having a test during their camp?  Anyway, thanks for all the good ideas everyone.  I appreciate the effort of posting this stuff.

I really like the balloon popping game.  I'm trying to work at involving that mechanic in more aspects of the day.  For instance, when students win at a game or activity and are getting a prize, they have to pop a balloon that has a piece of paper in it that corresponds to a tier of prizes (good, better, best, and crazy junk I found at the dollar store).  I figure that, even though there's only one kid winning anything, the others will still get a bit of an anticipation buzz from waiting for dude to pop the balloon.  I'm also working up a soundtrack for games the involve the students going off and performing some sort of activity for a certain period of time.  I'm wondering if "Pimping All Over The World" is fairly tame, as far as Korean students are concerned.  Any other song suggestions?

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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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Just some of my summer camp materials. Not all finished yet, but figured I'd post them to help.

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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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SOme worksheets and odd bits and pieces to go with!

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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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I am also doing an ancient Egypt day for my summer camp
Here is a craft idea for the day- making a pharaohs crown
black and white version
colour version


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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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I practiced the craft activity and actually works out well. You'll be able to find it on the internet somewhere!

I used colored card for the middle bit and they turned out really well. Though the lesson did take 80 -90 minutes instead of the 40 (with 3rd grade elementary!)
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Around the World Camp with Textbook (elementary)
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I see now that material for this type of camp already exists but here is the textbook I made for our camp. The camp was 20 hours and the book covers country facts, some grammar, activities, games, and cooking. Level is Elementary Grade 5 and 6. Pizza is easy to make: toast, ham, shredded cheese, and tomato sauce. Either bake for 5 min or grill for the same. The paper doll activity is a paper doll chain; instructions are easily found on the internet.

Hope this of use :)

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Re: Around the World Camp with Textbook (elementary)
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You could of put in the 'Explore our World Thread.'  :D

A lot of good games in there.  The book itself seemed quite wordy and the vocab level may be middle-schoolish.

The student's may lose interest due to the heavy vocab.  Try to do some dictation or gap fill exercises.

I usually use larger font size and more age-suitable fonts for elementary students.

Instead of reading stuff, I'm having students get into teams and having them create a poster of a country.  Not sure if that was in your plan that will get the students involved more.
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Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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My students are really low level so we just learned some words about each country and then did a worksheet about thsoe words.

I also attached a ppt about fruit punch. We made fruit punch as a snacks on the first day.

Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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Students use their imaginations to create their own country.

On the worksheet (attached), they design their own country map, flag, and basic information about their country.

They can then use this blueprint to make a more elaborate poster or project.

I'm going to try this with my 5th & 6th graders as part of an "Around the World" camp this year.

Re: Exploring Our World Camp
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Hey guys. I've been using a tonne of this stuff for my 2 weeks of camp. I only have a few original things to contribute, unfortunately, but here is a sports .ppt i made. Hope it's helpful for some people!

One works in ppt 2003, and one should work in 2007.