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I'm surprised that there aren't more currency comparison PPTs out there. When explaining the rules of a 'Price is Right' game or the like, I usually insert a slide or two of this powerpoint into the existing one just for a quick review. Each game is different so cut and paste as you see fit.

This is a quick, clean presentation that I whipped up and thought I would share it. Like always, feel free to modify and share as you deem necessary. Hope it helps!

UPDATE: added printable American money.hwp with 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s but I usually only print pages 1-4. Also, I added a small space in between the clomun of bills which, if you prefer, you can delete to make them stand side by side.
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Good stuff!  My co- asked me just before class to explain American currency so this is a  godsend!

I did Australian money. I have a $5 note so on the slide about plastic money I try and tear up the bill front of them to show how it won't rip. They go crazy. I was passing around coins but too many went missing.

Re: American/Korean Money, Currency, Bills, Coin Comparison (미국, 한국)
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I used the original PPT to make a Euro Korean won PPT for an after school class. I got them to match the cities to the photos first and then explained that all the countries/cities use the Euro and went from there.

I taught some language related to money and then got them to write out the values of some combinations. Then did a role play mingle where they had to ask prices.

I went on a bit too long with the PPT amd I didn't have as much time to do the two activities as I'd have liked.