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Direct Hire: Foreign Owned Hagwon in Suncheon
« on: September 11, 2023, 10:46:59 pm »
I represent a small English hagwon in Suncheon.

We currently have a British owner-teacher and a Korean English-speaking assistant.

We teach students from kindergarten to adult age, and we are looking for a teacher who is confident working with kindergarten and adult students due to sudden high demand. The start date is negotiable as this is a brand-new position, but an October start would be ideal.

The perfect candidate would be a warm, bubbly, outgoing person with great conversational skills. A female teacher would be preferable, but a male teacher who has the right personality and genuinely likes kindergarten-aged children would also be welcome.

Preference will be given to a person already in Korea who can transfer an existing E-2 visa.

The owner has worked in Korea as a native speaker at public schools and hagwons for more than 10 years, and he understands the position of teachers. He will continue to teach full-time at the hagwon and oversee operations in their entirety. However, his schedule is now too full to meet the demands of new customers.

Suncheon is a small but thriving city, and we are located in a very modern area by a scenic lake. The upmarket local area has a variety of cafes, bakeries and restaurants serving Korean, American, Mexican, SE Asian, Indo-Korean fusion, and Italian cuisine. The main nightlife district, with options ranging from Korean fried chicken to wine and cocktail bars, is a short taxi ride away. There is also a friendly community of foreign teachers who will be happy to welcome a new face.

For this new position at our small but growing hagwon, we are offering our new teacher a modest salary in line with Suncheon standards. An increase will be available the following year if the teacher is successful in motivating and retaining students.


•   Genuine native speaker.
•   Able to work legally in Korea with a degree and clean CBC.
•   Currently in Korea (preferable) or documents already fully prepared.
•   1 year+ teaching experience in East Asia.

Job Description:

•   Working hours: Monday-Friday 1.20 PM – 9.15 PM (exact times open to negotiation). Tuesday to Saturday work may also be possible.
•   Teach adult (generally 1:1 conversation) and kindergarten students. The teacher may be asked to cover elementary or middle school classes, especially at the beginning.
•   Assist elementary students as required during work hours (not during the teacher’s break).
•   Write simple student reports for kindergarten students.
•   Note: the teacher will NOT be asked to serve meals or help students use the bathroom.


•   2.3m Korean won per month, on time, with full pay stubs.
•   Respectable housing can be provided. Alternatively, a 350,000 KRW housing allowance + assistance finding housing can be offered.
•   All red days + all substitute/extra red days + 8 days’ additional paid vacation (please kindly note: the 11-day vacation requirement does not apply to companies with less than 5 employees).
•   3 paid sick days per year
•   50:50 Health Insurance and Pension (teachers from countries where pension is optional may choose whether or not to receive pension)
•   Paid overtime may be available on Saturdays (100% optional)

Please send your resume to

A Zoom/Kakao or in-person interview will be arranged for suitable candidates.