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Richard A. Muller's take on WW3
« on: July 14, 2023, 07:55:06 am »

If you have an extension that bypasses a paywall, good to go.  If can still click on the link, and select the audio/listen option.

The US government knows something (things) that we do not.  And, ,considering the passive-aggressive nature of the Chinese, perhaps it is true.
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Re: Robert A. Muller's take on WW3
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Can you go make a containment thread for yourself and stay there? Shitting up every single thread and making 5 new ones a day is annoying for those of us who like to sort by recent activity and see your name on every single one.

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Re: Richard A. Muller's take on WW3
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Anyway, is there anyone interested in this narrative (aside from the pretenders who know more than those who write the articles...and those who cannot see past their own pseudo urban angst...won't mention names). 

This is rather important and...seems like something worth taking note of.

I am also with Mithras on this one.
were trying to relax and spend an afternoon making fun of hangook77.  just let us do that.
you and jonvoightcar can have a nice little circle jerk in your own thread.  the rest of us wont bother you.
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