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Various Jeollanamdo Groups/Events and useful web links
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Here's a list of various groups and events in Jeollanamdo.  Also a group of resources you may find interesting or useful.  I didn't include email addresses here so if you want them please notify me via a reply  and I can send you the contact details.   

1.   Mokpo Welcome dinner:    We usually host a welcome dinner for all the newcomers to Mokpo at the Shabu Shabu restaurant across from Buyeong 100 block. We will hold it this year on Friday April 30th at 6:30pm. People can meet at Buyeong Apart-uh 200 "ee cha" (that's what they can tell the cab drivers, or they can take the 10 or 13 bus), and we'll walk over from there. The meal is 8000 won plus extra for drinks. It's a really good meal and great place to meet people and network. They can also learn more about events in Mokpo there. We will most likely head over to Rose Street after the dinner and have some drinks at Moe's or New York bar. so they can be introduced to our usually meeting places. I'll will put up an event online on Facebook, called the Mokpo Welcome Dinner April 2010.

2. Mokpo Orphan English Program For anyone looking to get involved in the community there is the really fun volunteer teaching program at the Mokpo and Illo orphanages. We meet once a week to casually teach and play the elementary and middle school kids for one hour. We also have several big events a year such as the upcoming spring BBQ, Halloween and Christmas parties. We are always in need of volunteers to teach or help with event planning and/or fund raising. For more information they can look at our facebook group,or message on the group page.!/group.php?gid=131387991020

3. Mokpo Book Swap 
 It might be a little early for them to think about trading in used books, but here's the info anyway. We meet about once a month or so at a coffee shop type setting, to exchange your books. You can bring any kind of book/magazine or even dvds to trade for something else, or just come out to have a nice hot drink and socialize. It's a great way to get some new reading material without paying a fortune for it. Our next meeting will be the 2nd of May at 1:00pm at the Tom and Toms in Hadang. Again, there will be an event on Facebook, called Mokpo May Bookswap.

4. Mokpo Others   I'm not sure if anyone else has been in touch so here are some other things that go on in Mokpo: Every Thursday a group plays ball hockey across from EMART at 6:30 and we are interested in increasing our numbers.!/group.php?gid=77949180404

Creative Korea (an art group); ANTM pool/girls' nights; French clubs; D&D gamers; bands; scrabble tournaments;  Pub Quiz nights with 50/50 draws; themed noraebang nights; mountain hikes; weekend camping trips around the Shinan islands; and etc. etc.  If anyone has any questions at all, even before they come, you can feel free to give them my contact info and I'll help out as much as I can. I have tons of useful websites for life in Korea such as all the foreign foods delivery stores, good education resource sites, and info on labor disputes.

2009 Orientation Group Facebook page!/group.php?gid=138525152391

Gwangju Book Club   Meets Wednesday nights at 7.30 in front of the YMCA downtown.
Weekly discussions over a cup of coffee about books chosen by the group.

Joongang English Worship Service
Church is a short walk up the hill from Hwajeong subway station. Directions are here:
Sunday morning Christian English service - 11.30
Bible studies throughout Gwangju and Hwasun during the week

UNESCO CCAP  Cross-cultural program directed by UNESCO. Volunteer one day a month to visit a school and give a presentation about your culture.
We are also having a bake sale / book exchange to raise money for Sungbin Orphanage on April 24. The sale is at Mike Simning's new foreign restaurant, The First Alley - To get there, find the downtown McDonalds. With the McDonalds on your right, go straight and turn right down the first small alleyway. You can't miss the shop. It's also right next to the foreign food shop, Underground Grocers.

The NETís in Goheung have a Facebook group that might be interesting for any new people coming to the area:!/group.php?gid=177165984589

The NETís in Haenam have a Facebook group that might be interesting for any new people coming to the area:!/group.php?gid=80261049136&ref=search&sid=524530332.4033074289..1

Links, Links and More Links

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Jeollanamdo Provincial office homepage- -
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Jeollanamdo Provincial Office
Jeollanamdo Office Of Education


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