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Words for Hangman
« on: March 08, 2023, 12:28:46 pm »
My students always enjoy a quick hangman game if we have a few extra minutes at the end of class. 

I thought I would share some words that have proved to be a good challenge for my students (middle schoolers.)  I have found that these words are ones that all the students know, but they cannot easily guess.

Here's a quick list I made:  window, yesterday, subway, jazz, quiz

I'm curious if anyone else has some good go-to words that are challenging but not unreasonably difficult.

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Re: Words for Hangman
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2023, 11:42:10 am »
music, xylophone, yacht, watch, Korea, Seoul.
Basically, words with multi-letter dipthongs are often hard to guess, or words with "rare" letters like q,z, x, etc.

Or, you could stir up a bit of classroom controversy with words like:
Takeshima, Bacon Tomato Sandwich (BTS), aeroplane, colour, favourite, Corea

Personally, I like to do variations of "hangman". My elementary students love the "Hang pikachu" version, especially since I often use a pikachu stuffy in class (the student who's holding the stuffy isis the one that gets to answer the question, a system I use because I can never remember their names, and because they like catching the stuffy).

They also really like the version where I draw a cage or pit filled with slavering, tentacled mosters / sharks / tigers / whatever you can draw, and a set of stairs leading into it (usually 4 or 5 steps. Then I draw a little stick figure at the top stair (often one that resembles a random student). Each wrong letter moves the figure down one stair. At the end, there's usually a small pile of bones scattered around the pit, and several students who are peeved at their mates for deliberately "killing" them...   :smiley: