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    • March 07, 2023, 08:21:14 am
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I am a total newbie high school teacher that's been told I will have to have "evaluation assesments" for my students every two months on top of creating my own curriculum for 2nd and 3rd years. AKA we want to make sure our students are actually getting anything out of your lessons with verbal and written proof. I was thinking role play activities where they write a script together and present it or survey games with a worksheet but I was quickly told I need to make them work alone and not in groups as they want to assess every sudent individually.

I was thinking of having them create and present a small presentation on a topic related to our recent lessons, but I realize that might get stale if I do it bi-monthly. Does anyone have any suggestions for projects that I could do in about 2 lessons where students can individually show their speaking and writing skills? Their english levels seem to be average, but I do have a couple high level students.

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    • March 02, 2027, 11:00:00 pm
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When you do online quizzes like kahoot or gimkit, you can keep track of individual student scores, which might be helpful for evaluation purposes.
Also, I give my kiddos duolingou homework (they have to accrue a certain amount of exp every week) which can count towards participation.
Flipgrid (asyncronous learning app where students and teachers share comments via short video clips of themselves answering questions, then make vidio comments on those original videos etc) is also great for evaluation purposes.
All of these have worked well for me because they involve tech, and are something the kids enjoy doing. They are also easy to use for evaluation purposes because you can go back and look at them at anytime.