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Re: Anyone been to Korean bullfights?
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i'd imagine probably because we're psychologically more predisposed towards negativity. plus, there wouldn't be much conversation out of him sharing some random feel-good article (in CO2's case he's usually posting things tied to his interests and whatnot).
Are we though? There are plenty of people online who post positive stuff. In fact the vast majority of popular youtube content on Korea is positive stuff. There are also plenty of positive stories that are written and consumed. And not every poster here complains 24-7.

While sex and violence and such sells, and negativity bias is a thing, I don't think we're predisposed towards negativity, I think that specific user is (as well as some others). Other users don't exhibit such behavior and aren't repeatedly posting negative articles or repeatedly complaining (and only complaining).

To cite CO2 again, he had a complaint and a rant and deep anger about what happened in Itaewon. But he also posted something to help in a way- the whole 'Help Itaewon Recover' meetup thing. That is someone who actually cares about the problem. Someone who just complains and insults is likely doing so to mask other issues they are facing.

"normal, decent people" very rarely do that, actually. "normal, decent people" do tend to understand what people mean rather than taking everything at face value.
No, normal decent people do make disclaimers. It is basic politeness. And in fact, they don't even use disclaimers, they talk about specific individuals or even more specific subsets. They DON'T generalize about ethnicities. At least in the year 2023. They don't say things like "Terrorism is Islamic culture". They don't say things like "Organized crime is Italian culture" or "Ethnic warfare is Rwandan culture". They don't say things like "Border jumping is Mexican culture". Like if you said those things back home and didn't include a qualifier you'd be considered on outright bigot. If you said those things with a qualifier, you'd probably still be considered a bigot but at least you'd have some level of deniability and nod towards courtesy and nuance.

Saying things like "Gambling and corruption are Korean culture" or "Animal cruelty is Korean culture" especially given the fact that Korean bullfighting is a very niche, obscure thing, is just plain BIGOTRY.

if a korean person were to tell me something like "americans sure love their guns" or whatever i wouldn't get hung up on it
Korean: "Americans love drugs. That's why we drug test."

I think we all got rather hung up about that.

you can say that if you want, i choose not to default towards thinking the worst of people but again, maybe thats just me.
This isn't a case without evidence or pattern though. He repeatedly generalizes about Koreans and has a very negative view of Korean people. I think at this point is generalization without qualified is indicative of prejudice.

if you want a fair representation of korean bullfights, the place to start would probably be the news article (opinion piece?) on the topic.
Really? I think watching the actual event in question, sans opinionated commentary would be the best place to start.

if this being an individual topic bothers you so much ask a mod to move it there, i guess
He's free to introduce the topic. I'm free to disagree. And I think if people argue the point, they'll see that what I mentioned about it- That in terms of animal cruelty, this was pretty low on the list and that if we do certain things like eat meat, we enable far worse, then we could do that.

The fact is he didn't have to make it ethnic or generalize.

I'm sorry, but I really think some people have some pretty regressive attitudes towards other ethnicities and on this board to Koreans in particular. Fortunately like ajosshis, their backwards dinosaur thinking is becoming less and less prevalent as they age. Hopefully they'll be shown the door fairly soon and younger people won't have to put up with their crap any longer.

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Re: Anyone been to Korean bullfights?
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Well, I already spouted my own theory on why, but you guys are free to join the "What's DM's problem?" game.  :laugh:


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Re: Anyone been to Korean bullfights?
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These threads sometimes (often?) resemble a Korean bullfight.