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How to make Friends (The Art of Small Talk)
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:11:47 pm »
Part 1:
A fun lesson on 'Small talk' based on a Huffington Post article on 'Questions you should never ask within 5 minutes of meeting someone' - link included in the ppt.
Ppt includes:
 - Human Bingo 'get-to-know-you' warm up.
 - Vocabulary + Small quiz
 - Article breakdown with tips, gifs and better questions to ask (I didn't use all 12   points)
 - Small Talk summary for end of class activity.

*Please note: I apologise if any formatting has been messed up due to changing between ppt and open office (I work at two schools) - I hope the errors are minimal.  Please check.

Feel free to make changes/additions/suggestions.