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Hi, so I have posted this before under a different name in a different christmas thread, however I thought it could be of use to someone who might not want to go digging too far lol.
I made a giant PPT a few years back that I occasionally work on. It is divided into different sections focusing on the history of Christmas (looking at different cultural festivals that lead up to what we know today [Celtic, Norse Yule, Saturnalia, Christianity, Tudors, Victorians]), Winter holidays/Christmas around the world (Iceland, Wales, Italy, South Africa, Korea, and Iran [made before everything that is happening now]), symbols of Christmas (santa and krampus, food, tree and it's decor, gifts etc.), the commercial aspect of christmas and how we experience it today, and a bunch of possible activities that can be carried out.
The PPT takes a minute to figure out, and there are a mountain of fonts, so please install them before opening the PPT to avoid everything warping.

You can pull from each section as you would like, and as stated, it is mainly an info dump. I originally made it because I got frustrated at some of the posts about Christmas either focusing on the USA and Christianity, especially as I don't feel comfortable bringing religion into the class (unless it is for history or discussion purposes) and I am South African not American so I wanted to look at different cultures lol. (There is nothing wrong with Christianity and USA traditions, I was just looking for something different).

The info can be pulled and used for all levels, but I recommend for elementary and lower levels you work together with a Korean teacher who can translate or explain some sections.
I personally don't do all of it, but rather pull sections to talk about before doing an activity. In the past week I spoke about a Victorian Christmas with my 3rd graders and watched Scrooge on Netflix, next week we will make ornaments for the little English class tree we have. In 4th grade we discussed food and the tree and also did an ornament craft to use to decorate the tree. In 5th and 6th grade we spoke about Christmas around the world and Krampus because the kids were curious about the figure that appears to be an opposite to Santa, and I bought some christmas crafts to do with the kids. (All in Afterschool)

There may be some info omitted here and there for keeping it as simple as I could, but I added a bunch of photos. Which I must add as a disclaimer, were pulled from various places on the net quite some time ago. So this PPT is purely for 'private' Educational Information purposes to be used in class only.

There are a couple PPTs in the folder, the main big one is the one titled "Christmas Greetings", but feel free to go over the rest too.
(There are some other subfolders in the same folder, feel free to dig through them, but keep in mind that for legal reasons, they were downloaded for personal use and should only be used for educational purposes in a private setting only [school classes should be fine lol]).

Hope someone can get some use out of this ^^
NB! please download to use, I don't want it to be edited directly on google drive. (google slides auto edits the drive if i allow editing).

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